Vichy Catalan 500mL Snap Top
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Vichy Catalan, has a very distinctive taste with a particularly high TDS level and a natural sparkling mineral water which has additional carbonic gas added. 500mL glass (20) bottles per case. You will receive 2 cases for the price of 1. The discount will reflect once the cases are added to the shopping cart.

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Hildon Natural Waters
Hildon Natural Mineral Water comes from beneath the chalk hills of the beautiful Hampshire countryside in the South of England. The water is wholesome, naturally filtered and crystal-clear. It is free from pollution and has a stable composition, being naturally low in sodium. The water is bottled at the source and whether it is delightfully still or gently sparkling, it has a distinctive, delicious taste.

Hildon's beautiful understated bottle is served at scores of first class hotel and resort properties, is seen on the dais at the Ryder Cup when the event is played in the UK, it graces picnic tables at polo matches, and is allegedly first choice at Buckingham. The chemistry of Hildon features good levels of Calcium and Bicarbonates. According to the company, the Nitrate level is 6 milligrams per liter.

There are strict rules governing the labeling of water as Natural Mineral Water, Spring Water or Bottled Water. Water sold as Natural Mineral Water must originate in an officially recognized spring, be microbiologically wholesome and have been protected from all risk of pollution.

Hildon's Catchment Area

The immediate physical catchment area, which is above the source, is protected from chemicals and is covered with trees and grassland offering a natural safe haven for wildlife. The Home of Hildon Natural Mineral Water remains virtually untouched.

The original Hildon bottle was created in 1988. Its design was based on the classic Bordeaux shape with its distinctive high shoulder, which originated in the early 19th century. Hildon has always had a close association with the wine trade and is the first choice for cleansing the palate at many prestigious wine tastings.

It was a proud day for Hildon in April of 2017 when they received the Royal Warrant from Queen Elizabeth II. The new label on the Hildon bottles now features the Crest bearing the Royal Coat of Arms, prominently front and center.

Water In The News

Plastic Particles Found in Bottled Water?

Be careful, and don’t believe everything you read. A recent study from Orb Media, a non-profit journalism organization, has claimed 93% of bottled water tested has shown “some sign of microplastic contamination.” They don’t tell you that microplastics are found everywhere across the environment in soil, air and water. It also means you have been consuming the tiny particles in anything you ingest. What the study does show, is there is a lack of knowledge of the microplastic contamination. Smaller particles have even been deemed, “probably plastic” because the test is inconclusive.

The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), British Soft Drink Association (BSDA), Pepsico, Coca Cola, Nestles and Danone have all responded to the study, and stand by the safety of bottled water and adherence with regulations.

The IBWA has stated that Orb Media “has preconceived positions on issues….the study’s “probably plastic” findings are weak at best and reporting it as news is alarmist and not responsible journalism”.

You can read the IBWA’s full response HERE

The World Health Organization plans to launch a review into potential risks of plastic in drinking water, but right now, it seems the jury is out.

China Bottled Water Market Slowing down

According to Mintel, the rapid growth China has experienced over the last decade is slowing down. Their per capita bottled water consumption has grown from 5 liters in 2007, to 20 liters in 2017. Relatively speaking their consumption is still low as compared to Mexico and the US which was 222 liters and 120 liters, respectively. Sales are still increasing however the rate of growth has slipped from 5% in 2015 to 4.2% in 2017.

Bottled Water Market by Volume

Bottled Water Market by Volume
Top 5 Billion Liters
U.S.A. 39
Mexico 28.7
China 27
Indonesia 16
Germany 12

Brands In The News

The Next Sparkling Wave

Sparkling Iced tea seems to be the next wave of excitement in the sparkling category. Nestle has introduced their product in limited markets, beginning in Canada. Lipton, Sparkling Ice and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, have all begun selling a sparkling Iced tea.

Spotted Somewhere ....

We’re not getting political, however found this interesting. This picture was taken in August 2015 at the US OPEN Tennis Tournament. We posted it in our September 2015 Fountainhead, specifically for the Evian bottle in the image. Little did anyone know at the time, he would become our next President.

Question To Ponder

Why Is lemon juice made with artificial flavor, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons?




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Water leaves the stomach five minutes after consumption.

Saline water can be desalinated for use as drinking water by going through a process to remove the salt from the water. The cost of desalting sea water in the U.S. has been dropping, however considered to be too expensive to be done on a mass scale.

If all the water in the Great Lakes was spread evenly across the continental U.S., the ground would be covered with almost 10 feet of water.

There are approximately 7,000 gallons of water in each inch of rain.

There is more water in the atmosphere than in all of our rivers combined.

Celebrities and their water

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith
Will & Jada Pinkett Smith
Will and Jada Pinkett Smith
Ariana Grande and Wat-aah
Will and Jada Pinkett Smith
Dwayne Johnson with Fiji (Shhhhhh….Don’t tell anyone… his Fiji (and Voss) come from Aqua Maestro)
Will and Jada Pinkett Smith
Justin Timberlake and Fiji
Will and Jada Pinkett Smith
Kate Hudson and Volvic
Will and Jada Pinkett Smith
Jack Nicholson and Evian