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For a limited time, Exclusively for our Fountain Head readers - Aqua Maestro is offering Solé Still and Sparkling Water in a Buy One Get One FREE offer.

Combine a crisp, slighly sweet refreshing water, a set of well balanced group of minerals and in the case of the sparkling variety, naturaly harvested carbon dioxide (CO2) and you get one of the finest brands of water in the world. Fonte Solé has a unique pedigree dating back to the year 1000. The Solé spring has been delighting tables and health conscious individuals for more than a millenia. Order yours today at this value price, 2 for the price of 1. 1 Liter clear Glass Bottles, Twelve (12) bottles per case. You will receive 24 Bottles for the price of 12. The discount will only reflect if you use PROMO CODE 'BOGO' on the checkout page. Shipping charges on the free case apply.

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Featured Water
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A timeless gourmet favorite, Badoit is a naturally sparkling mineral water characterized by its abundance of tiny bubbles and its unique, delicate taste. In fact, the name Badoit, (pronounced ba-dwah) is French for fine bubbles.

Badoit is an iconic beverage in the restaurants and homes of France and has long held a special place in the French diet. It makes for an ideal dining accompaniment; its fine and delicate bubbles deliver a clean and crisp taste that enhances but does not overtake other flavors. Bottled since 1838 at its source in the picturesque town of St. Galmier, Badoit has a legendary history in French water consumption. This naturally sparkling water was not only known and prescribed by local doctors for its many healthful properties in the XVIIIth century but was obviously known to the Romans since the remains of thermal baths have been found on the present site of the Badoit factory.

Map of source of Badoit, FranceFor centuries the residents of the town of Saint Galmier have satisfied their need for sparkling, refreshment by partaking directly from the water™ source. Today, the local inhabitants venture to the town™ filling station where they can tap into the sparkling benefits of Badoit whenever the need arises.

Propelled by the pressure of naturally occurring underground gas deposits, Badoit travels the long journey from its deep and ancient source through fissures in the granite sub-strata slowly acquiring its distinct mineral composition, unique taste and its lively, intensely sparkling, carbonation along the way.

Badoit VerandaBadoit is captured at a depth of 100 meters into the granite where it retains a constant temperature of 16°C (61°F). The size of the bubbles of a sparkling mineral water is influenced by its mineral composition. It contains bicarbonates, as well as calcium and fluoride, and has a low sodium content.

Badoit HQIt is also rich in magnesium, an important component of a balanced diet.The source water emerges lightly sparkling, then the carbonation is carefully intensified.

Badoit 750ml and 330ml Water of The Month

Water In The News

Water Issues Continue In Knightstown, Indiana.

More than a month after Knightstown officials said brown water would soon be fixed, residents still see it in their homes. The town says they regularly test it, finding it safe and contaminant free. Hmmm….Really?

sink of water in knightstown indiana tub of water in knightstown indiana

Bottled Water is still America’s Favorite

The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), and Beverage Marketing Corporation (BMC) announced that bottled water, for the second consecutive year, is the No. 1 beverage product in the United States, by volume. The new data found more than 3 in 5 Americans (63 percent) say bottled water (still and/or sparkling) is among their most preferred beverages. Nearly all Americans (94 percent) believe that bottled water is a healthier choice than soft drinks, and 93 percent say bottled water should be available wherever drinks are sold. Bottled water volume grew to 13.7 billion gallons in 2017, a 7 percent increase over the previous year, BMC said in a statement. Bottled water sales now total $18.5 billion, an increase of 8.8 percent. Per capita consumption exceeds 42 gallons of bottled water, a 6.2 percent increase.

2017 Bottled Water Sales by Volume
2017 Volume Share of US Beverage Segment2017 Volume Share by Water Segment

Brands In The News

Fiji Changing Course In Distribution

Premium bottled water brand Fiji will discontinue its distribution partnership with Keurig Dr Pepper, effective October 1. The brand will take control over much of its distribution and plans to build out a direct store delivery (DSD) network supported by its parent The Wonderful Company.

Keurig-Dr. Pepper

Nestlé Waters Pledges Water Stewardship

Nestlé Waters have recently announced their commitment to certify all of their sites to the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Standard by 2025. The global standard promotes responsible water use that benefits local communities socially and economically, while ensuring environmental sustainability of watersheds.

How It All Began…(in the USA)

The very first commercial to air in the US for bottled water, dates back to 1979. Perrier tapped Orson Wells to narrate their first commercial about a then, unknown sparkling water. It’s all “water” under the bridge now!
Click image below to watch video

Perrier - How it all began in the United States

Man chugging 3 bottles in 6 seconds Believe It Or Not

Can You Chug 3 Bottles in 6 Seconds?

This guy can….very impressive!

Question To Ponder

Why is it that Doctors call what they do “practice”?


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Disney Characters Are Here

Yes, you can place your orders now! Evian’s new 310ml Kid’s bottle, comes with 5 Disney characters; Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy.

Disney Evian Water Bottles

American residents use about 100 gallons of water per day. In contrast, residents of sub-Saharan Africa use only 2-5 gallons of water per day.

Frogs do not need to drink water as they absorb the water through their skin.

8.34 is the number of pounds that one gallon of water weighs.

At 1 drip per second, a faucet can leak 3,000 gallons per year.

One glass of water can shut down midnight hunger pains shown in a recent University study.

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