The Fountainhead - February 2018

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Highland Spring
Welcome scotch lovers! Highland Spring, located in the Ochil Hills near what today is Gleneagles, Scotland, is back. As with many of the ancient great brands, it is hard to place a precise date on the first time water was drawn from this source. We know for sure that King James IV of Scotland kept a few flasks in his kilt as far back as 1503. And it's likely that the native Celts were enjoying the same water as James, and us today, for thousands of years before that.

The modern Highland Spring's plant was christened by a member of Parliament in 1984. This followed the acquisition of the brand in 1979 by the Altajeer family, and they still oversee the operation today.

Highland Spring runs four massive bottling lines. Their rate of output ranges from 16,000 bottles per hour up to 37,000 per hour, depending on the line and packaging. The plant is in the village of Perthshire, and sits to the west of the north-south motorway that runs the length of Scotland. The hills where the water is drawn cover a large area to the east.

The water is drawn from a protected underground source where no farming, agricultural spraying, building or habitation is permitted within the 2,000 acre (about 8 km) catchment area. The land has been kept free from pesticides and pollution for over 20 years, enabling it to become the first British brand of natural mineral water to achieve organic status for its prestine area.

Three 3" and one 8" stainless steel pipes carry the water from the collection sheds approximately two and one-half miles to the bottling facility, where the water goes into holding tanks. The water is untouched throughout the entire process.

Highland Spring is a very low TDS (total dissolved solids) water at only 136 parts per million. The main feature is 35 milligrams per liter of Calcium, and a slightly alkaline, almost sweet flavored pH of 7.8. The water has 136 parts per million of bicarbonate, and nearly zero nitrates, a very highly desirable chemistry. This glorious chemistry results from a long-term filtration process of fresh rain water through the heather-clad slopes, and down into subterranean aquifers.

The brand is available in 1.0 Liter Glass, and 330ml Glass both still and sparkling. Highland Spring is considered one of the great waters of the world. Recently they have been awarded ‘UK Water Brand of the Year 2017-2018’ for the fourth year in a row.

Water In The News

Fine Water Tasting Event

The Fine Waters International Water Tasting Competition 2018 will be held in Ecuador May 22 and 23, 2018.
After Güitig bottled water won a Gold medal in the 2017 competition, they have been selected to host the 2018 event at the beautiful Chalet Güitig in Machachi, Ecuador.

For more information:CLICK HERE

Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting

The 28th Annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting was held February 22-25, 2018. The award-winning event welcomes more than one hundred waters from across the country and around the globe. Held in the historic spa town of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, it is the largest water tasting competition in the world. For a list of winners, click HERE.

Tethered Cap Legislation Fails

We previously mentioned this bill which would require a cap be permanently attached to its container (in California) by the year 2020. The IBWA and numerous others were opposed to this bill, and it is now officially dead. A recycling mandate will be taking its place, however, ensuring retailers recycle all plastic bottles.

Brands In The News

Pepsi launches Bubly Sparkling Water

Earlier this month, Pepsi officially launched Bubly, an 8 SKU line of fruit-flavored sparkling water available in 12 oz cans. Soft drink companies are going after the water category, which has surpassed CSD’s (Carbonated Soft Drinks) in volume.

Additional Sparkling Waters Enter The Playing Field

Everyone and more are getting into the action. We’ve seen Nestle, Pepsi, Coca Cola and LaCroix add to their sparkling water category, but a few lessor known names are entering the field as well, and all with a southern hospitality. Also, the can seems to be the decided favorite container. Montane Sparkling Spring Water available in Original (unflavored), Cucumber Lime, and Meyer Lemon are packaged in Georgia.


From Beer to Bubbles. Austin Specialty, a beer distributor in Austin Texas, has decided to enter the race. Big Swig is also available in 3 flavors, Original, Key Lime and Ruby Red Grapefruit.


Also, coming out of Austin, Texas is Waterloo. With 7 flavors, such as Black Cherry, Grapefruit, Watermelon, Lemon, Lime, Coconut and original.


Ounce Water

At least according to one brand, apparently, it’s not the source of the water that’s really important, but the quantity of ounces consumed. Described as a natural spring water, this bottle allows you to easily keep track of how many ounces you consume. If the goal is to consume 80 ounces a day, you can drink two of the 40 oz bottles, or 4 of the 20 oz size. Okay, and three bottles of 750ml is 76.2 ounces. Is that close enough?

Nestle's 100% Recycled Plastic

Nestles Pure Life Purified Water, the world's leading bottled water brand, is announcing the introduction of a 700-mL bottle made from 100 percent food grade recycled plastic, known as rPET. The new package is available starting this month on retail store shelves in North America.

A New Design for Large Bottles

Cisowianka, a Polish water brand has partnered with Agr International to produce a new bottle design for large 1.5L bottles. Primarily for comfort and ease of pouring, this new design is called a wasp waist, taking after the obvious tapering waist of the pesky insect.

Question To Ponder

Why do we buy hot dogs in packages of ten … and buns in packages of eight?




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Vichy Catalan, has a very distinctive taste with a particularly high TDS level and a natural sparkling mineral water which has additional carbonic gas added. Now available in a 500ml size. Buy it now

Bottled water has been around since at least prior to the 1800s. Some sources say that spa water in Belgium was bottled for export in 1583. Other sources credit Jackson's Spa in Boston for being the first to offer bottled water for sale in 1767.

Distilled water is not recommended for drinking. Distilled water is really intended to be used in processes where mineral build up can cause problems such as in running machinery, appliances or cleaning.

Spring water is water that has risen from aquifers beneath the surface and absorbed minerals along the way. Mineral water also has absorbed minerals, but it must have a specific percentage of them – 250 parts per million total dissolved solids, according to the US Federal Drug Administration.

Only about one percent of the earth’s water is suitable for drinking water.

Bottled water can be stored indefinitely if kept sealed and out of direct sunlight.