Borsec is situated in the Eastern Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania, and is one of the most renowned curative spas in the subalpine, windless, peat-rich county of Harghita, Romania. It is listed in the country's register of historical monuments. Bottling ofВ Borsec commenced over two hundred years ago, and since modernization in 1992, the facility outputs two million liters per month of its legendary "Regina Apelor Minerale SAВ Borsec " (Mineral Water QueenВ Borsec ).

The curative properties of the water were already known in the 1600s, and for centuries it was transported by carts in wooden casks to be served in the Royal Court in Vienna. It was Emperor Franz Josef who dubbedВ Borsecthe "Queen of Mineral Waters." The pH, although slightly acidic, is near enough to neutral to distinguishВ Borsec from other naturally carbonated waters whose carbonic acid origin tends to create much lower final pH levels in the harvested water. The Calcium is high at 310 milligrams per liter. Magnesium and Bicarbonate - are robust at 97 and 1,800 milligrams respectively. However, the Sodium level is very low for a high mineral water at only 53 milligrams per liter. Traditionally,  Borsec has been helpful for circulatory disease, anaemia, disease of the endocrine glands, nervous disease, rickets, renal disease, diabetes, and even for obesity. It's most popular use today is as a super-healthy drinking water.  Borsec was awarded a GOLD medal at 2004 Berkely Springs, WV USA International Water Tasting event, for carbonated waters.  


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Water Summit And Tasting Competition

The 5th Fine Water Summit will be held in conjunction with the Water Tasting Competition at Water Expo 2017. The summit and competition will be in Guangzhou, China, June 14 – 17, 2017. В Aqua Maestro, a founding member of the society, will be attending. We will be unveiling a new website and program designed to feature water of brands that are longing to open into the US market. Fine Water Society members are excited about this plan which will be shared at the Fine Water Summit in Guangzhou 2017.  

Global Bottled Water by Volume

Projected share of global bottled water volume by region, 2011 - 2021(P)

Brands In The News

Voss Adds Third New Flavor
/“Sparkling water is currently one of the fastest growing categories in beverages, with flavored sparkling growing even more quickly, as consumers look for healthier alternatives to sweetened, caloric drinks,” according to Ken Gilbert, CMO of VOSS Water of Norway.

Voss recently added "Lime Mint" to their other two flavors, "Lemon Cucumber and Tangerine Lemongrass"

Is This The Next Evian or Fiji?
/CEO Nicholas Reichenbach thinks so. This is a naturally alkaline spring water from Blue Lake Springs, Ontario Canada. It comes packaged in Tetra Pak, and has taken Canada by storm. Reichenbach thinks he can duplicate his growth in the US. Look out Evian.

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Remedies For Treating Swollen Feet
Tonic water contains a natural anti-inflammatory called quinine, so if you soak your feet in water that’s cold or room temperature, you can get the relief you need—plus a satisfying tingling sensation!

/Simply drink a glass of water! Your body might be trying to retain water, since it doesn’t have enough. Hydrating yourself with eight to 10 glasses a day helps release toxins from your body and prevent swelling.

/You may not have enough magnesium in your diet, which helps your blood circulation. Try eating moreВ fish, seeds, avocados, and leafy green vegetables, or take a 200 mg magnesium tablet twice a day.... can drink a liter of Mivela and get 330 mgs of magnesium, and get hydrated at the same time.

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There are approximately 1 million miles of water pipeline that span the US and Canada, enough to circle the earth 40 times.

More than 13 million households use private wells for their water supply.

One gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds (3.78 kgs)

On average, a drop of water which finds its way into Lake Superior from runoff or rainfall takes more than two centuries to travel through the Great Lakes system and along the St. Lawrence River to the ocean.

Ancient Egyptians treated water by siphoning water out of the top of huge jars after allowing the muddy water from the Nile River to settle.