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Tau Spring WaterTAU
Taking its name from an ancient Welsh word for ‘to be silent’, Tau Spring Water is specifically designed for outlets such as designer hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes where color may not be appropriate but purity, quality and elegance are essential. Launched in 2003, Tau Spring Water is produced by internationally renowned Tŷ Nant Spring Water Ltd. which is situated in the West Wales county of Ceredigion.

Map of source of TAUThe Company was founded in 1989 and moved to its current purpose-built factory at the site of the source in 1996. The facility was extended in 2002. The factory is situated within 300 acres of pastureland and forestry. The land is maintained to organic standards, and the evergreen conifer forestry is being replaced in stages with a more environmentally friendly broadleaf wood. Tau is bottled at the source which comes from deep beneath the ancient Cambrian Mountains of Wales, an area of mudstone, siltstone and sandstone that is protected and organically managed. Tau Spring Water was created to satisfy the need for a contemporary clear glass bottled water. Tau's chic minimalist styling and monochromatic labeling creates a strikingly contemporary statement. A well-balanced water with a light, refreshing taste and a slightly sweet note. At 30.5 mg/l of Calcium, 12.2 mg/l of Magnesium, and 13.5 mg/l of Silica, the water has a distinct quality, and it manages to deliver the goods with a neutral pH of 7.2, a very low-TDS (208), and negligible Nitrates. Tau Spring Water, is available in both still and softly sparkling variants.

source volvic, france

TAU 750mL Glass / HILDON 500mL Plastic

Water In The News

Fine Water Summit, Stockholm 2019

left The 6th Fine Water Summit will be held in Stockholm, Sweden on April 25 and 26th 2019. Fine Water Society LogoA primary focus will be the Future Trends of the Fine Water Category. The Summit follows two days of the Taste and Design Awards held April 23 and 24th.

Florida Considering A Deposit Law

Ten states currently employ “bottle bills” or “deposit laws”. These states collect between 5 and 15 cents/ bottle. A senate bill recently introduced in the Florida legislature would call for between 20 and 30 cents per bottle. This is expected to receive large opposition from consumers and distributors. The bill calls for 20% to be given to the retailer, as an incentive to muffle their complaints. States that collect the deposits see tens of millions of dollars in unredeemed deposits each year.

Maine Attempting To Tax Nestles

Describes as a water withdrawal tax, a recent proposal seems to go after, not only one industry but one particular company. Nestles, under the Poland Springs label, uses about 1.5 million gallons per year, could be facing an excise tax of $.12/ per gallon. That equates to approximately $180,000. The IBWA (Int’l Bottled Water Assoc) and the NEBWA (Northeast Bottled Water Assoc) have strongly opposed bill LD 1074.

Aloha, Where Will It End?

Hawaii Senate Bill 522 is still alive. The Bill has been amended, however as currently written calls for a statewide ban on ALL single serve plastic beverage containers. The measure prohibits the purchase, use, sale or distribution of single-use plastic beverage containers. Included, is the ban on all such products in restaurants, bars, hotels and other businesses where food and beverages are sold.

Brands In The News

Nestle Waters’ Lends A Helping Hand

Evian Reusable Water BottlesFollowing the devastation in Alabama and Georgia from tornadoes earlier this month, three regional brands stepped up to help out. Nestle Waters’ Ozarka Brand, has donated $10,000 to Americares to help fund the organization’s tornado relief efforts. Additionally, Deer Park and Zephyrhills each sent a truckload, containing 30,000 bottles of spring water.

What’s In The Bottle?

Ounce WaterOunce Wateryou ask “Ounce Water” it says it clearly….just water packaged to help the consumers drink up to 80 ounces a day. If you ask some Brooklynites, (Brooklyn, NY), they say the design emulates a 40oz bottle of Malt liquor and may promote drinking with underage children. What do you think?

Will You Listen To Your Water Bottle (Cap)?

Danone Coach 2o Water topDanone has collaborated with Israeli, a smart packaging company who has designed a bottle cap to track how often you open and close the cap, and how much water you consume. It can paired with a smart phone to notify you, it’s time to take another sip! Will you pay attention? Furthermore, you can enter a personal profile (age, gender, height, and weight) in the app and it will build a unique hydration profile based on details and levels of physical activity. Danone will be starting with Spanish mineral brand, Font Vella, but has visions of making this a global venture.

In The Learning Corner

Is PURE Water Really Clear?

First, you will rarely see pure water as it is not found in a natural setting. The everyday water you see contains dissolved minerals and often suspended materials. But, for practical purposes, if you fill a glass from your faucet the water will look colorless. The water is in fact not colorless; even pure water is not colorless, but has a slight blue tint to it, best seen when looking through a long column of water. The blueness in water is not caused by the scattering of light, which is responsible for the sky being blue. Rather, water blueness comes from the water molecules absorbing the red end of the spectrum of visible light.

Question To Ponder

Why Didn't Noah Swat those two Mosquitoes?


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The density of water allows sound to move through it for long distances. In sea water sound travels at a velocity of 1545 meters/second or about 3500 miles per hour.

Air pressure affects the boiling point of water. It takes longer to boil an egg at Denver, Colorado than at the beach. At sea level water boils at 212˚ F (100˚ C), while at 5000 feet, water boils at 202.9˚ F (94.9˚ C).

Over 90% of the world's supply of fresh water is located in Antarctica.

An acre of corn will give off 15,000 liters (4,000 gallons) of water per day in evaporation.

Over 70,000 different water contaminants have been identified.

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