FIJI Water 
The island nation ofВ FIJIВ is a cluster of green islands in a remote area of the Pacific. Far from pollution. Far from acid rain. Far from industrial waste. In fact, the very name “FIJI” has become an icon of beauty, nature, simplicity, and remoteness – and when it comes to drinking water, “remoteness” may be a blessing.  

FIJI Water 
is drawn from an artesian aquifer that lies hundreds of feet below the edges of a primitive rainforest.  FIJI Water comes from a single place: the remote Yaqara Valley of Viti Levu (one of Fiji two principal islands).  В 

It begins as rain falling on the tropical island of Viti Levu’s luxurious north coast. From there it filters down through layer after layer of ancient volcanic rock, cleansed of impurities and contaminants at every stratum. At the same time, this natural filtration process is adding beneficial minerals such as silica, calcium, and magnesium to the water, which contribute to its distinctly soft, smooth Mouthfeels (a professional tasters term that refers to a liquids taste and texture).
At the Acqua FIJI Water spa complex in FIJI Water , Italy, in the province of Frosinone, south of Rome.  

FIJI Water'sВ В state-of-the-art bottling facility was designed to protect the purity of the water at every step of the production process, and as part of that strict commitment to quality, no human hands are allowed to touch it. In fact, the facility was built directly on top of theВ FIJI Water aquifer, where a completely sealed delivery system draws the water up from the protected chamber and places it directly into the iconic square bottles, which are made from the highest-grade terephthalate (PET) plastic resin.

Until you unscrew the cap,  FIJI Waternever meets the compromised air of the 21st century nor is it touched by another human being.  

As mentioned in last month's edition, Fiji is rolling out a new slimmer design for all of its bottles.


Water In The News

Water Summit And Tasting Competition

The 5th Fine Water Summit 2017, will be held in conjunction with the Water Tasting Competition at Water Expo 2017. The summit and competition will be in Guangzhou, China, June 14 – 15, 2017.

South Beach Wine And Food Festival

It happens every year about this time. Can you picture a better place to have a festival?

US To Pay Billions To Marines

/Veterans who were exposed to contaminated drinking water while assigned to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina may now be able to receive a portion of government disability benefits totaling more than $2 billion. Veterans stationed at the Marine base for at least 30 cumulative days between Aug. 1, 1953, and Dec. 31, 1987.  The Marine Corps has said the contamination was unintentional, occurring when federal law didn’t limit toxins in drinking water, however will still provide benefits to those who may have developed one of a number of disease's.

Brands In The News

/Voss Water Expands Into Retail
It's not really a new concept, and Voss didn't just begin this expansion, but looking where they have come from, and where they are going, it's been a successful ride. The founders of Voss began as a super premium brand available in only high end, on-premise, locations. They built a brand and a demand for the iconic cylindrical bottle. Their forging into the retail space has not tarnished the image. Since new leadership has taken over, seven years ago, "....Voss has sustained 28 consecutive quarters of double digit growth...." per Jack Belsito, CEO. This month Voss graces the cover of Beverage Industry Magazine. It's a lengthy article describing the details of their journey. If you would like to read it: click here >

How Is Your Cup of Coffee?

/Taza Agua Volcanic Spring Water from Costa Rica has a new approach. They have concluded the way coffee and tea taste has less to do with the beans or tea leaves, and more to do with the type of water being used. The water sourced in the Juan Castro Blanco region of Costa Rica, consistently ranks as some of the cleanest drinking water in the world. Taza Agua has now partnered with K-Cup and even redesigned their bottle to hold one. It is the world's first bottled water exclusively for brewing coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

Blossom Water...Beginning To Bloom

/From the garden to the market shelf. What began as an idea 6 years ago, is now taking root. Blossom water takes floral essence flavors like rose, jasmine, lilac and geranium and combines them with a base fruit flavor like pomegranate, plum, lemon and grapefruit. A touch of sweetness with only 45 calories.

In The Learning Corner

Can bottled water lead to tooth decay?
A recent article published by Bridge Creek Dental, in Billings Montana, has stated that drinking bottled water can lead to tooth decay. The premise is based on many bottled waters are acidic, which in turn can lead to the breakdown of the tooth enamel.

It is estimated that Americans drink up to 8.4 billion gallons of bottled water every year. It's a great alternative to soda since it contains no sugar or calories.

в–Є It provides a convenient way to hydrate on the go.
в–Є Most people consider it safer than tap water.
в–Є Some people prefer the taste compared to other beverages.

Recent studies have shown that some popular brands of bottled water areВ predominantly acidicВ with aВ pH as low as 4.0. A pH of 7 is considered neutral. Anything with a pH above that is considered alkaline and those below it are considered acidic.
The constant exposure to the acidic water throughout the day, can in turn corrode or break down your tooth enamel, making you more susceptible to cavities and tooth decay.

The acidity is caused by the extreme filtration and oxidation processes bottling companies employ to treat water before bottling it. Fine Waters are not treated in this manner, however pH may vary naturally as a result of the mineral content in the water.

On The Lighter Side

It looks like Vodka, but if you're not sure....



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San Benedetto
400ml Plastic Bottle

Water freezes at zero degrees Celsius.

Water vaporizes at a hundred degrees Celsius.

Water is the only substance that is found naturally on earth in three forms: liquid, gas, solid.

If water changes phase its physical appearance changes due to parting of water molecules. In the solid phase the water molecules are close together and in the gaseous phase they are the furthest apart.

Frozen water is 9% lighter than water, which is why ice floats on water.


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