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Most of the Worlds' Bottled Water comes from someplace other than the USA. For 100's and even 1000's of years, the world has been drinking water from springs, or jugs or glass bottles. One water, however, has made its mark in history. From deep beneath the Adirondack foothills flows a well celebrated spring water. An illustrious history is associated with Saratoga® Springs, in upstate NY.

Since the 14th century the springs of Saratoga have quenched the thirst of generations with some of the most crisp, clean tasting waters in the world. In fact, the wealthy from Europe and America came to Saratoga® Springs for generations, in large part to enjoy the fine mineral waters that flow from deep beneath the lush foothills. Soon Saratoga® Springs became one of the most prestigious spa resorts in the country.

Map of source of Saratoga, NY, USAIn 1872 a small family owned business emerged with the discovery of a new, plentiful spring source in Saratoga®.This spring had an especially sweet, crisp taste to it. Born was the Saratoga® Spring Water Company, with the idea to bottle and distribute this delicious water for all to enjoy. For many decades Saratoga® Spring Water Co. remained a family company, bottling the famous waters of Saratoga®. Today, Saratoga Spring Water Co. shares generations of history, heritage, and knowledge. Saratoga® Spring Water has been through many years of change, adaptation, and technology. Their updated bottling plant, and distribution system, operates at this same family-owned site as it once did in 1872.

Saratoga® Sparkling & Non-Sparkling spring water is available in an award winning cobalt blue glass bottle, coming in two sizes, 28 oz (.83L) and 12 oz (.35L).

Saratoga - 28oz / Glass - FIJI 330mL/Plastic - Water of The Month

Water In The News

Sparkling and Carbonated Water By The Numbers

For the last 10 years now, it’s a steady climb for the percentage of sales for the sparkling water category.

Sparkling and carbonated water by the numbers

Brands In The News

Waterloo adds to its line up

Waterloo Line up Cans

Sparkling water continues grabbing headlines. In addition to the well-known names…Dasani, Aquafina, LaCroix…Other brands are hitting the shelves daily. Above, Waterloo has added more flavors. In addition to original, it now has Watermelon, Lemon, Lime. Grapefruit, Coconut and Black Cherry.

New…In The Marketplace

There are SO many new brands it becomes impossible to show them all…

Here is a sample of new entries into the market…(to be continued).

Pervida: a line of lightly carbonated waters formulated to support immune system function.

H2rOse: launching a rose infused water in PET bottles this year.

Blossom Water: flower infused botanical water lineup.

Sway Water: Still and sparkling with real “certified organic” fruit.

Sanavi: a line of organic flavored sparkling spring waters.

Hemp2O: flavored Hemp (Canabis) water.

HyVIDA Brands: Hydrogen sparkling waters available in Pure, Raspberry and Lemon-Lime.

Napa Hills: functional flavored water infused with antioxidants from red wine.

Protein2o: protein enhanced waters available in three flavors.

In The Learning Center

Drinking more water may help women avoid UTIs

If you are a woman who struggles with the pain of recurring urinary tract infections, a new study suggests that drinking more water could help. A recent study in JAMA, (The Journal of the American Medical Association) shows, women who got recurring bladder infections (they're also called urinary tract infections, or UTIs) who added 1.5 liters of water to their daily intake over 12 months were 50% less likely to get another urinary tract infection than other women who drank less than that amount. The study concludes the reduction in episodes of cystitis (inflammation of the bladder) is likely due to increased urine volume and voids that reduce bacterial load in the bladder.

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Thirsty Little Guys

So Are These Guys

Thirsty Little Guys

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Why don't sheep shrink when it rains?


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The original metric system was created with base units that could be derived from the weight of a specified volume of pure water. A liter of water weighs 1 kilo; a cubic meter of water weighs 1 tonne.

A gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds; a cubic foot of water weighs 62.4 pounds.

If all of the water vapor in our planet’s atmosphere fell as water at once and spread out evenly, it would only cover the globe with about an inch of water.

One (1) gallon of gasoline can contaminate approximately 750,000 gallons of water.

Freshwater animals are disappearing five times faster than land animals due to water contamination.

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