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About Aqua Maestro

Aqua Maestro is privately owned and originally incorporated in Florida, in 2002. The company began as an inspiration of the founder, realizing the potential growth of a new healthy segment of the beverage industry….bottled water. Aqua Maestro has morphed into a globally recognized name, becoming a leader in its field of the distribution of multiple brands from a single source, in  the US. The company has also gone through a change in ownership with the current management in place since 2007, and making the name synonymous with “fine water”.

The companies’ office and primary distribution center is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In 2014, distribution began in Los Angeles, Ca., as well as Las Vegas, NV. Aqua Maestro has become the one-stop source for restaurants and individuals looking for either multiple brands, or brands that may be more difficult to source.  

Aqua Maestro is a founding member of the Fine Water Society. The Society, founded in 2008, is a group of  brand manufacturer’s, distributor’s, and water sommelier’s all with a common core. The objective is to create a global forum to convey the idea that water is not just water. All Fine Waters are Premium Waters, but not all Premium Water is Fine Water.

Aqua Maestro carries over 30 brands, one hundred eighty sku’s, and inventory in Florida, Los Angeles, CA., and Las Vegas, NV.