San Pellegrino
San Pellegrino mineral water flows from a thermal spring at the foot of a dolomite mountain wall towering above the Brembo River in the Italian Alps. The town of  San Pellegrino Terme is located near Bergamo some 25 kilometers northeast of Milan.

The properties of  San Pellegrino® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water were renowned as early as the 12th century. Legend has it that Leonardo da Vinci visited the source while living in Milan. Da Vinci is credited with making the town of San Pellegrino famous. He wanted to try its “miraculous water,” and in 1509, dedicated extensive studies and penned a lengthy treatise to water. Use of the water for therapeutic treatment, however, did not begin until the 18th century, due to the difficulties in reaching its remote location. An analysis first done in 1748 demonstrates a composition that is surprisingly similar to that of today.

In 1839, the San Pellegrino Spring has become a renowned tourist location. The spa was created, and one can now relax their ills in the tubs, showers, adjacent spotless marble rooms and plentiful recreation areas.

In 1899, the societa Anonima delle Terme di  San Pellegrinowas founded to commercialize the water. Over the course of the year, 35343 bottles were prepared, and 5562 of these were shipped. By 1908, almost 10 years later, San Pellegrino was being distributed in all of the main European cities, as well as Cairo, Tangiers, Shanghai, Calcutta, the US, Brazil, Peru and as far away as Australia.

In 1999, San Pellegrino Spa became part of NestlГ© Waters. In 2005 San Pellegrino hit a new record of over 500 million bottles sold all over the world. Today, San Pellegrino® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water is the number two sparkling bottled water brand imported into the United States.


Brands In The News

Berkeley Springs Water Tasting
The 26th Annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, was just held, and some of the winners include;

Best Municipal Water 2016
1st – Clearbrook, Abbotsford, BC, Canada (Best in the World)
1st in US – Eldorado Springs, CO (Best in US)
2nd – Marysville, Victoria, Australia
3rd – Independence, MO

Best Bottled Water 2016
1st – Theoni Natural Mineral Water, Karditsa, Greece
2nd – Prairie Crystal Pure Spring Water, Marchand MB, Canada
3rd – Eau De Source 83 ppm, Village Blanchard, NB, Canada

Best Sparkling – 2016
1st – Tesanjski Kiseljak, Tesanj, Bosnia
2nd. Touch Sparkling Mineral Water, Marchand, MB, Canada
3rd – Celvick Dobri Kiseljak, Tesanj, Bosnia

Best Packaging — 2016  

1st – Nakd Luxury Artesian Water, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
2nd РІР‚” Antipodes, Whakatane, New Zealand
3rd – Jackson Springs Natural Premium Spring Water, Middlebro, MB, Canada

Bottled Water for your....What?
We are a true advocate of bottled one can deny that. Some company's may push the limits when it comes to variety. HydrO2 Pet has introduced water for your pet...ANY kind of pet. We won't pass judgment, we'll just pass it along. You make the decision.

Or, how about your Small Animal Water....proper hydration
for your Gerbil, Guinea Pig, Rabbit or small animal

...hmmmm...we'll reserve comment.

Is it art, or is it r-rated?

We bring waters and news from around the world, and this is not to be overlooked. A new bottle design by Mill and Well, brings a new topic for discussion at the dinner table. No, we do not inventory it, nor have we tasted it, but we thought you might like to see it. Literally, might like to see it! We're not quite sure how this fits on the table at a 5-star hotel, or in front of the kids, but that's your decision. It comes from one of the few artesian springs in Denmark, and we do agree, Denmark has some very nice water.

Water in The News

Would You Drink This?
Obviously not, but residents in Crystal City, Texas came home to find this running out of their tap. Without notices or warning, the city drained the local water tower, and the resulting "sludge" was from sediment that was flushed into the distribution lines.

Test Your Hydration Knowledge

Here's a quiz for you. Most are plastic bottles, and sold across the US. You may not know them all! Learn More >

Food (Water) For Thought

Hopefully, not imported from California. And, the environmentalists don't jump on the water footprint? Hey, we really don't mind, Aqua Maestro survives on imported water.

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We have printed this table before, but it can be very helpful. Measures commonly used for water bottles:



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The average temperature of all oceans is about 39 degrees F

The average residence uses over 100,000 gallons (indoors and outside) during a year.

A dairy cow drink four gallons of water to produce one gallon of milk

It cost over $3.5 billion to operate the water systems throughout the country annually.

Only 1% of the earthРІР‚в„ўs water is suitable for drinking water.