Highland Spring
Welcome scotch lovers! Highland Spring, located in the Ochil Hills near what today is Gleneagles, Scotland, is back. As with many of the ancient great brands, it is hard to place a precise date on the first time water was drawn from this source We know for sure that King James IV of Scotland kept a few flasks in his kilt as far back as 1503. And itРІР‚в„ўs likely that the native Celts were enjoying the same water as James, and us today, for thousands of years before that. 

The modern Highland Spring's plant was christened by a member of Parliament in 1984. This followed the acquisition of the brand in 1979 by the Altajeer family, and they still oversee the operation today. 

Highland Springs runs four massive bottling lines. Their rate of output ranges from 16,000 bottles per hour up to 37,000 per hour, depending on the line and packaging. The plant is in the village of Perthshire, and sits to the west of the north-south motorway that runs the length of Scotland. The hills where the water is drawn cover a large area to the east of the motorway. 

The water is drawn from a protected underground source where no farming, agricultural spraying, building or habitation is permitted within the 2,000 acre (about 8 kmР’Р†) catchment area. The land has been kept free from pesticides and pollution for over 20 years, enabling it to become the first British brand of natural mineral water to achieve organic status for its catchment area 

Three 3” and one 8” stainless steel pipes carry the water from the collection sheds approximately two and one-half miles to the bottling facility, where the water goes into holding tanks. The water is untouched throughout the entire process. 

Highland Springs is a very low TDS (total dissolved solids) water at only 136 parts per million. The main feature is 35 milligrams per liter of Calcium, and a slightly alkaline, almost sweet flavored pH of 7.8. The water has 136 parts per million of bicarbonate, and nearly zero nitrates, a very highly desirable chemistry. This glorious chemistry results from a long term filtration process of fresh rain water through the heather-clad slopes, and down into subterranean aquifers.

The brand is available in 1.0 Liter Glass, and330ml Glass – both still and sparkling. Highland Springs is considered one of the great waters of the world. Recently they have been given “Superbrand” status for the eighth year running, yet again confirming its position as one of the greatest British brands. 
Water In The News...

Global Bottled Water Awards 2015
The 2015 Global Bottled Water Awards will recognize a range of categories in every sector of the global packaged water industry. Winners will be announced at the Zenith International Global Bottled Water Congress in Lisbon on October 21, 2015.

Aqua Maestro "Brett Spitalny" is proud to announce we will be participating in the judging for this year's awards. The deadline for entries is September 21, 2015. For more information, click here >

Bottled Water Under the Microscope
A new infographic on US bottled water argues that it involves “very small water use with very big health benefits.” Methodology.

  • It uses less than 0.004% of water in the US, compared with 31% for irrigation and 49% for electricity.
  • The amount used in production to make 1 liter of product is 1.46 liters for bottled water, compared with 2.02 liters for soft drinks, 3.68 liters for wine and 3.8 liters for beer.
  • Bottled water “helps people choose fewer soft drinks”, accounting for 40% of all water servings.
  • “By switching from soft drinks to bottled water, Americans have saved 300 billion calories each year and 6.4 billion gallons of water …”
To say that in proper perspective; To all the ban the bottle fans, if you are going to drink something, you can't argue you are wasting water by drinking a bottle of it. On the contrary, we as human beings need to drink something to stay hydrated, so consuming a bottle of water, actually saves water (.56 liters, if compared to soda). You, can calculate what it is for beer! Drink up!

California and Arizona....get ready
Well, not just yet, but a new study is looking at turning this....

We have mentioned it before, and the drought in California has shed new light on this possibility. Reclamation centers are already using treated sewage water for irrigation, and some Public Utilities are considering exactly this. Fortunately it doesn't qualify as a "Fine Water", but we'll keep you posted.

Consumer Reports Slams Sports Drinks,
Plant-Based Waters

In a new article, titled "Don't be fooled by coconut water and other sports drinks." Consumer Reports hammers away claims of enhanced hydration and elevated nutrition as touted by beverage brands in a range of categories, including plant-based waters and electrolyte-fortified drinks. Based on its analysis, they found that most fell short of the value promised to consumers, particularly when it comes to hydration. Consumer Reports states “it’s unlikely” that these packaged drinks are more hydrating than regular water, noting that “few people exercise so vigorously that they need to replenish electrolytes.”

Merchant Hotel Launches New Luxury Water Menu
It's catching on...we have discussed the Patina Restaurant Group and Ray's and Stark Bar in LA having a water menu and a water sommelier. While this one is in Ireland, the five-star Merchant Hotel has just added a water menu and appointed two water butlers that will help guests choose the water that is right for their palate. Thirteen brands ranging in price from РІвЂљВ¬ 4.5 to РІвЂљВ¬ 26.45 ( $7.00  to $41.25) are available.
Brands In The News
Aqua Maestro includes the items below as information only. These are new items hitting the marketplace, but it may be necessary to include a disclaimer. Inclusion in this newsletter, should not be construed as an endorsement. It is only here informational purposes, and reveal what is new or coming.

Wasn't that Campbell's tag line? Or perhaps, hit yourself on the head and say, "I could have had a V8". Well, you can now do exactly that. The Campbell's Soup Company, who has been facing sluggish sales, are taking their vegetables another direction. Welcome to V8 Infused Water, which comes in three varieties, Cucumber Lime, Black Cherry Pomegranate, and Mandarin Orange Ginger, each made with 25 percent juice and include the equivalent nutritional value of a full serving of vegetables.

A New Entry in the Kid's Market
AquaBallв„ў is a naturally flavored, vitamin-enhanced, zero- calorie, dye-free, sugar-free alternative to juice and soda. AquaBallв„ў is currently available in four flavors: orange, grape, fruit punch and berry. True Drinks, owner of Aquaball, has licensing agreements with Disney and Marvel for use of their characters on its proprietary, patented bottles.

So, What's In a Name, Anyway? A new way to hydrate...so says Dave Asprey, CEO of Bulletproof. Mixing oil and water usually is something not easily done. The technique uses patented nanoparticles of Bulletproof XCT Oil, a medium chain triglyceride fat found in coconut oil. The oil particles allow for extreme hydration, with quickly metabolized and sustained energy. FATwater is free from caffeine and artificial sweeteners, and contains 20 calories and two grams of fat per serving. It comes unflavored, as well as a berry, orange or lemon essence.
More Info >

A New Entry For Icelandic
Unveiled at the Summer Fancy Food show in NY. Icelandic introduces a sparkling version of their water. It will also now be offered in glass as well. According to co-founder Kristjan Olafsson, “We’re a premium product and we aspire to be in front of the premium consumer whenever we can,” Olafsson added. “The key to doing that in a fine dining experience is being in glass as well.” We knew that, didn't we?

Did You Know?
Small Dog Owner Alert…

The tearing and staining of the eyes most notably on small, light or white colored dogs is caused by excess tearing, and the subsequent growth of a bacteria and yeast infection. This dark red or brown staining will diminish or disappear completely if you offer your dog a bottled natural water. Now, we are not trying to be pretentious, or imply we know more than your local veterinarian, however, on more than one occasion it has come to our attention that offering your pet a quality bottled water will do the trick.

Hmmmm, this seems to become an argument for the inherent qualities of the water. Tap water may in fact be "ok" to consume, however, the small delicate bodies of our canine friends do in fact react from it, and there is a noticeable improvement in the well being and health of your small dog. We wonder what the difference might be in the human body? Just food for thought.


Aqua Maestro has just begun limited distribution in Las Vegas. We have already begun ramping up our presence in Sin City.
Running the tap, waiting for water to get hot or cold, can waste 5 gallons per minute.

Only 3% of EarthРІР‚в„ўs water is fresh water.  97% of the water on Earth is salt water.

The water found at the EarthРІР‚в„ўs surface in lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, and swamps makes up only 0.3% of the worldРІР‚в„ўs fresh water.

68.7% of the fresh water on Earth is trapped in glaciers.

1.7% of the worldРІР‚в„ўs water is frozen and therefore unusable.