In the hills just south of Rome, lies the small medieval town of Fiuggi The obscure conglomerate of stone buildings gained renown as early as the 1300s, when Pope Boniface VIII claimed his kidney stones had been healed by the mineral waters that gushed forth from the nearby Fiuggi spring. Two centuries later they relieved Michelangelo of what he called "the only kind of stone I couldn't love." Soon the miraculous acqua di Fiuggi was being sent in bottles to all of Europe's royalty.

 water gushes out from two thermal baths and one of these: the Boniface VIII Spring is where Italians go to “take the water”. The fountains from which healing spring water is obtained are set within a large park. Locals and tourists alike used the surroundings as a meeting place for centuries to chat and discuss the news as they sip from the spring. 

Fiuggi water is a natural, oligomineral water that pervades tufaceous (calcareous and siliceous rock deposits) hollows beneath the spas of Fiuggi. The scientific effect is a filtering action that purifies and reduces mineralization in the water, while creating a potent diuretic chemistry. Fiuggi is prescribed in Italy for expulsion of kidney stones, and supposedly inhibits their formation; it is also prescribed during preparation urinary calculosis procedures and post-op treatment. In all, there's little question that Fiuggi is beneficial for the kidneys and urinary tract, and it is also effective against uric acid in general, which is the basis of gout and uratic arthropathies. The water has a very acidic pH of 6.8 and a very low TDS of 122. Fiuggi was the official water of JUBILEE 2000, and it is rumored to be the choice at the Vatican.

At theAcqua Fiuggi spa complex in Fiuggi, Italy, in the province of Frosinone, south of Rome. 

A documentary aired on CNN about Fiuggi water, two years ago. The water which claims to help heal Kidney stones, has newer publications backing those claims. Sales at Aqua Maestro quadrupled for the ensuing two weeks following the airing. Now two years later, sales continue to remain high. You can watch the video and hear the description for yourself.    
Water In The News

The Everything Guide To Bottled Water

At least, that is the name of a recent article published in New York Magazine ( Six staff writers took on the project of looking into the continued success of bottled water. Since bottled water is expected to outsell soft drinks this year, what is it that is propelling this market? They broke it down into categories, such as; pH adjusted, natural sparkling waters, passed through rock, boxed, and cheaper waters.

The article continued with bottled versus tap...and environmental issues. Topics we could discuss at length but choose to sit them out. Then an interesting section, "Ask a Water Sommelier," and that would be Martin Riese who we have discussed numerous times. It's a noteworthy read, and you can find it here >

Plant-based Water Sales Increasing


The trend for healthy hydration is driving the sales in plant-based water. Birch Water seems to be the favorite in Europe, while Maple water is more common in North America. Coconut water is a favorite globally. Sales have reached $2.7 billion in 2016 and expected to double to $5.4 billion by 2020.

Some of the common options include; Bamboo water, Maple water, Birch Water, Cactus Water, and Coconut Water.

Brands In The News

/Another New Look For Fiji

FIJI Water is rolling out a new look for its bottles with a slim, sleek new design. When Fiji received complaints their 500ml bottle didn't fit in many car drink holders, they made a new bottle slimmer and sleeker. They are now extending that design to the entire line. The new design will be available beginning this quarter, 2017.

Pepsi Introduces A New Water

/PepsiCo has announced that it will launch LIFEWTR, a premium bottled water, in February. Look for it in the Super Bowl commercials. The water is described as a "purified water, pH balanced with electrolytes added for taste." Sounds, (and looks) vaguely like an “intelligent” brand, (Coca Cola’s own...Smartwater). Aqua Maestro, again, will bring you the news, but we do not promote the brands. Our definition of a premium water precludes "purified" waters. The label design will serve as a platform for new artists, and will change several times a year. It will be available in 700ml and 1L sizes.


The C stands for Chuck, as in Chuck Norris. He and his wife, Gena have entered the water business by accident, (or by an act of God, as Gena likes to say). While drilling wells on their ranch, an artesian natural spring was hit, and out came thousands of gallons of water, pure and untouched. The CFORCE water comes from a sustainable, natural aquifer deep under Chuck Norris’ Lone Wolf Ranch in Navasota, TX. A portion of CFORCE sales benefit environmental initiatives and KICKSTART KIDS—a charity that empowers at-risk youth, which was founded by Chuck.

Believe It Or Not

Ford Has A New Idea

/As opposed to “Ford has a better idea” which true car enthusiasts will remember was their slogan in the late 60’s. (OK, maybe you just need to be old). How about a never ending source of water at your finger tips…

"Leather interior, power windows, turbo charged engine, and oh yeah...a water fountain please." Ford has created a way to extract water from your air conditioning, and add it to your center console. The question this considered Fine Water?

Seen Somewhere

Sasha Obama at the Setai Miami with a bucket of Iskildle


A New Neat Water Bottle

Showing what's new, a project just completed through kickstarter, this water bottle has just begun shipping. We're not suggesting you fill it with tap water, you'll use "Fine Water", right?


We don't like seeing this...

Those are water bottles you see scattered along the roadway. This accident occurred near Lafayette, Indiana. The driver of the over-turned truck fell asleep approaching the bridge. The truck jack-knifed while trying to avoid hitting the side. The added unfortunate part is that the tanker was right behind him, and split the truck in two creating a fire in the process. Both drivers escaped unharmed.



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The famous green bottle, is now available in 8.5 oz. (250 ml) cans. Perrier, has always enjoyed the perception of prestige and privilege.  

According to the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, about 9 million people use over 1 billion gallons of drinking water every day in the Big Apple.

One gallon (Four liters) of gasoline can contaminate approximately 750,000 gallons (2.8 million liters) of water.

Water leaves the stomach five minutes after consumption.

If you have running water, consider yourself lucky, a quarter of the world's population is without safe drinking water.

Over 90% of the world's supply of fresh water is located in Antarctica.