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Evian Featured Water

Taking its name from an ancient Welsh word for РІР‚
12/1/2016 5:10 AM By Aqua Maestro tau, 2016
Evian Featured Water

In a region where water has been famous for its beneficial properties since antiquity, the Volvic valley has kept the qualities of its water a deeply buried secret for centuries.

Volvic water is drawn from the heart of the Parc Naturel des Volcans d'Auvergne in central France, a protected environment, free from industry and intensive farming. The ancient "Temple of Mercury" crowns the summit of the famous Puy de Dôme, proving the volcanoes have been recognized and revered for centuries.

Volvic water is created by rainwater that seeps very slowly underground through porous layers of puzzolana and fissured lava down to the impermeable granite bed on the old valley bottom. When it reaches the impervious bedrock, the water slowly flows downstream where it is captured over 90 meters deep.

Volvic water is drawn from deep inside the lush, green ancient volcanoes of the Auvergne in France. Specifically, taken from the Clairivic spring in the Massif Central region.

Volvic, as the name implies, has a volcanic geological basis, most evident in its 30 mg/l level of Silica, one of the world's more potent mineral water sources for this element. The perfectly neutral pH of 7.0, and overall low 109 mg/l total mineralization, makes Volvic a special water, truly unique in its chemistry. At 6.3 mg/l, the Nitrate level is a little higher, but in the case of Volvic, this slight excess is probably offset by the water's virtues.

Water In The News

George Washington University Quiet On Conservation Progress
The University pledged to reduce spending on plastic water bottles by 50 percent by the end of fiscal year 2016, which ended in June (5 months ago). They also embarked on an aggressive plan to reduce water usage, by upgrading faucets and toilets in academic and residence buildings. Numerous other University's and the National Parks System, thought the same thing, only to find out, plastic usage did not drop. Instead of water bottles filling the garbage cans, it had a much higher content of soda, and teas. These studies revealed the average individual is still going to consume a drink. By taking away bottled water, they have been forced to drink less healthy options. Stay tuned.

Retail Pet Holds Majority Of U.S. Bottled Water
Shares of volume by segment, 2015

Sunlight Helps Bottle This Water
We have shown you water generators, used in the military, to extract water from air. It works much like an air conditioner, pulling the moisture out of a room. This solar cell, accomplishes the same thing, but using solar power. Cody Friesen, a professor of engineering at Arizona State University, developed "Source," the company behind the solar panel. In conjunction with Zero Mass Water, a company also founded by Friesen, they are able to produce about 5 liters a day - enough to satisfy a family of four. Source adds calcium and magnesium to match the flavor and pH of bottled water. Because Source is powered entirely by solar energy, it can operate far from a power grid.

Bottled Water From Wal-Mart Contained Window Cleaner
So says a recent complaint which has been filed against Wal-Mart and Premium Brands, after a customer reported that he was injured when drinking what he had believed to be store brand water, but contained a chemical similar to window cleaner.

What's Next? Nano-Amplified Cannabinoids??
With Cannabis in the news lately, you can now get your share of hemp-infused water. Laguna Blends recently partnered with Carlsbad Naturals to use a technique which allows for the infusion of vitamins, antioxidants and microencapsulated nano-amplified cannabinoids in alkaline bottled water. This ability to take tiny nano sized, all natural raw ingredient units, and suspend hemp oil in water, opens a new category of cannabinoid-infused consumer products.

/Birch Water Being Harvested
That's right....harvested. A picture is worth 1000 words. We thought this was worthwhile to give you a glimpse of what takes place to harvest, Birch, Maple, and Bamboo water. Tree waters are packed with electrolytes (minerals), and they are naturally very hydrating for the body.  Electrolytes are responsible for directing water (and nutrients) to the areas of the body where itРІР‚в„ўs needed most. Conversely, to coconut water, tree waters are all very low in sugars – birch water has four times less sugar than coconut water. Bamboo water is the highest natural source of silica, which supports the body with collagen production. Birch water is anti-inflammatory, while maple water is high in antioxidants and manganese, which supports thyroid and bone health.*

*Luxury London, Charlotte Phillips, Nov 14,2016 " Designer Water vs. Tap"

Brands In The News

Danone's Water Division, By The Numbers
In terms of volume, Danone is number 2, globally, in the bottled water industry, behind Nestles Water. Bottled water represents 4.7 billion euros ($5.0 billion USD) at the current conversion, in annual sales. 

In 2015 the top three Danone water markets that contributed to growth were Indonesia, Mexico and Argentina. The top three markets for sales were China, Indonesia and France.

The leading international brands are Badoit, Evian and Volvic with sales, in order of revenue, France, United Kingdom, Germany, USA and Japan. 

Believe It Or Not

Uses For Plastic Bottles
Thanks to Richard Hall, from Zenith Global for passing this idea along, but here's a simple way to advertise your car for sale.
In ArgentinaРІР‚в„ўs capital Buenos Aires, simply put an empty water or soft drink bottle on its roof.

If someone is interested in buying it, they'll honk their car horn. Meet them outside, and mission accomplished. Who needs the internet?

Building with plastic bottles....

/ The Island above contains 150,000 bottles held together by nets, and the picture to the left, shows how plastic bottles filled with sand, are strong enough to build a house.


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Caffeine can act as a mild diuretic, preventing water from traveling to necessary locations in the body.

Sugar lowers the boiling point of water.

A carrot is 90 percent water.

When water is called for in a recipe it should be between 60 and 80 degrees for the best results.

The colder the water we do drink with meals, the slower the digestive process works.

11/1/2016 6:10 AM By Aqua Maestro 2016
Evian Featured Water

Fonte Sole, located at the heart of the village of Nuvolento in Lombardy, Italy, is a family operated business with a long-standing awareness of environmental and social concerns. 

Originally founded by Battista Bodei in 1896, it is now his grandson Giuseppe who continues the tradition of only employing local people. Many years ago, before environmental concerns were paramount, Giuseppe took the decision to bottle Sole Classic in bottles made from recycled glass and to use recycled paper for the labels. Their marketing materials are designed by a social enterprise. 

Fonte Sole is an active supporter of the local community, supplying its pure water without cost to the pupils of the local school. 

Naturalness has historically been a core part of Fonte Sole's ethos – the natural mineral water they bottle flows directly from the Source into the bottling production line with only the addition of CO2 (itself harvested from a natural process) to create the renowned delicate carbonation of Sole sparkling. 

Around the year 1000, the population of Nuvolento was ravaged by plague. At the time, the area was under the control of Benedictine monks and they built their monastery near a water source. To gauge the extent of the plague, the monks would go around knocking on doors: "Ego Sum" was the response that meant the plague had not entered that house. After the epidemic was over, the monks noticed that the only people surviving the plague were those with access to the water from the source near the monastery. They then decided to name that part of the country "Sum". The existing convent on the site of the old monastery and the road named "Antica Fonte", "Ancient Way of the Source" gives credence to this legend.

As a premium bottled natural mineral water, Sole Water is known for its crisp, slightly sweet and refreshing taste. The well-balanced group of minerals in Sole is derived from a natural filtration process as the water works it way through varying geological rocks and minerals to the underground and well-protected source.

The Sum Source is found in the province of Brescia located in the commune of Nuvolento, situated at the foot of a series of limestone hills that rise to the northeast of Brescia. The hills constitute the Brecian Pre-Alps complex. The oligominerale (low in mineral content) water of the Sum Source emerges at the "Via Antica Fonte" in Nuvolento. This surface outlet would seem to correspond to the point at which the limestone-dolomite formation meets the alluvial deposits from the valley of the river Chiese. It is from this basin that the unique and delicious tasting Sole Water is sourced. 

Water In The News

The Four Best Places In The World for
a Sip and a Smoke

The Graycliff Hotel and Resort, located in Nassau, Bahamas, has been selected as one of the four best places in the world for a sip and smoke. The September edition of the Robb Report, ranked the listings. The resort sells Cuban rarities such as Behike 56 and pre-embargo Havanas circa 1900–1910, in addition to the full Graycliff line. And when it comes to Cognac, the 9,000-bottle collection dates to 1788, including an A. E. Dor No. 1 from 1893. Of course, the resort also has a water menu offering about 25 brands of water. We know, because Aqua Maestro provides a large majority.

Read Full Article Here >

IBWA's Listicle; Bottled Water: The Healthy Environmentally Friendly Drink

First, a listicle, is an increasingly popular way of communicating on the internet, by creating an article with a list of bullet points with short text.

IBWA's list includes;
  1. A healthy alternative to soda and other sugary drinks
  2. Small environmental footprint
  3. The choice for the active lifestyle
  4. A legacy of preserving the environment
  5. Great water, great jobs
  6. Extremely small water user

An image is shown with each item on the list. We've included the image for #6, which shows bottled water accounts for just 0.011% of the total amount of water used in the US.

For additional information, check out the full listicle posted here.

Repercussions Of Hurricane Matthew

In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, residents from Florida to North Carolina were warned about price gouging. Complaints about hotel rooms, gasoline, rental cars...and BOTTLED WATER are being investigated. Customers complained of being charged $29.00 for a 24-pack of commodity water in Fayetteville, NC.

Air Force Dumps Toxic Water

U.S. Air Force officials confirmed more than 150,000 gallons of water tainted with perfluorinated chemicals — otherwise known as PFCs — leaked out of a retention tank at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The contaminated water made its way into a city wastewater treatment plant before crews could stop it. And from there, it flowed into a creek that feeds into other waterways. Officials say the leak didn't pose a threat to Colorado Springs' drinking water.

Brands In The News

Evian Holiday Designer Bottle
Christian Lacroix became the first designer to team up with Evian for the 2007 edition of their Holiday Limited Edition Bottle. Now, ten years later, they have teamed up again, to mark the 10th anniversary. The new bottles are just arriving, and you can place your order now.

Highland Spring Source Certified Organic
Highland Spring has just announced they have been awarded the Soil Association Certificate for certified Organic Land for another year. This validates the purity of the organic land at the source of the bottling of Highland Spring water.

Tickle Water: Sparkling Water For Kids
An innovative sparkling water company, marketing directly to kids. A means in which parents can promote honest hydration and "tickle" their taste buds. Packaged in small plastic clear cans, and available in flavors such as Green Apple, Watermelon, Cola, and plain sparkling.

For Those Who Don't Know
Aqua Maestro can put any logo on a glass bottle. We supplied the bottles pictured here, which were done for the Chancellor's House, in Oxford Mississippi. Preparing for their grand opening now, they are offering "Refined Southern Elegance."

Believe It Or Not

Repurposed plastic water bottles


Check out our new Instagram account @aqua_maetro, for more pictures and events happening with Aqua Maestro. We will also be offering promotions and free product to our valued followers.

90% of the pumpkin is made up of water. (Happy Halloween) 

Americans now recycle over 1 million single-serve PET water bottles every hour.

More than 150 US colleges use graduation gowns and caps made from recycled PET.

Pure water (solely hydrogen and oxygen atoms) has a neutral pH of 7, which is neither acidic nor basic.

Drinking too much water too quickly can lead to water intoxication. Water intoxication occurs when water dilutes the sodium level in the bloodstream and causes an imbalance of water in the brain. 

10/1/2016 6:10 AM By Aqua Maestro 2016

Iceberg water is a very unique product, in a category all by itself. It is an all natural, truly virginal water with almost no trace of minerals. This water's journey started over 15,000 years ago in the ancient glaciers of western Greenland. It has been safely stored in the ice cap, protected by the ocean and the hazardous conditions of the arctic weather. 

Isolation has made its source totally inaccessible to man. It is not until massive pieces of ice break off into the ocean in the form of icebergs that they can be harvested. Icebergs are melted and bottled under strict quality conditions in order to preserve the water's natural qualities. 

Production can be limited due to extended winters and the harsh conditions of the North Atlantic. Harvesting icebergs is a dangerous task. They are very unstable, shift frequently and can roll over in seconds, which make the possibility of drinking iceberg water an accomplishment in itself. 

Berg water comes from Icebergs, a unique source. Berg should not be confused with glacier water. The main difference is that glacier water is bottled after it melts to the pools at the base of the glacier, coming in contact with land. Iceberg water is harvested directly from the icebergs, and is not exposed to ground contaminants. 

There are other waters that have a low TDS (total dissolved solids). However, Berg water has a TDS of less than 10 ppm, one of the lowest in the market. Since icebergs have the consistency of concrete, seawater is unable to penetrate the ice and contaminate the mineral content. The result is pure, clean water with the crisp natural taste of melted snow. 

Harvesting is mostly done by hand and small quantities so the impact in the environment is almost non-existent. Icebergs melt naturally in the ocean, so instead of exploiting springs or underground aquifers, Berg collects the water before it disappears into the sea. The water is bottled in its natural state, without significant processing in order to preserve its natural properties. The water maintains the same composition and characteristics both at the time of bottling and collection. 

As a reminder, the map on the right shows just how far Berg extends into the Northern Atlantic. The island is isolated from direct contact with the mainland.

The only way our cases of water arrive here, are by Ferry. In the dead of winter, another problem arises, shown by the next image which is a ferry stuck in the ice. It took 3 days last winter to free this ferry.

We have done something different this month to recognize our loyal members of our Water of the Month club. Registered members of the club, as of the first of September, will receive Berg Water this month. If you are not familiar with the club, a member pays just $ 29.00 (for glass) and $19.00 (for plastic), plus freight, and will receive a different water every month. Berg regularly sells for $180, and $150 for glass and plastic respectively. This month, it's a gift from Aqua Maestro. It's our way to show our appreciation. Enjoy!

Water In The News

US Bottled Water Facts
This paragraph should really be in the "Believe It Or Not" section. These are some important facts to digest about the bottled water industry.

  • Domestic, non-sparkling water is the largest and strongest segment of the US bottled Water Market.

  • Bottled Water is about to become the largest commercial beverage category in the US.

  • In 2013, the average per capita was 31.66 gallons. In 2014, that jumped to 34 gallons per person. and in 2015, became 36.5 gallons, for every man, woman, and child.

  • In contrast to 1976, most Americans drank an average of 1.6 gallons. (of bottled water, which was not a very big industry, at the time).

  • Nearly all of the bottled water sold in the US is sourced domestically. Imported bottled water accounts for only 1.5% of the US market. (Aqua Maestro is a tiny piece of that 1.5%)

Despite the bottled water industry size, the amount of water sold is relatively tiny, compared to tap water volumes. US public water systems supply more than one billion gallons of tap water an hour, every hour of the day.

Ok, ready for this fact? The amount of bottled water Americans buy in one year would only supply US tap water needs from midnight until 9 am on January 1!

IBWA...Bottled Water's Watch Dog

We're glad someone is looking out for us! The International Bottled Water Association continues to respond to misleading articles about bottled water. As more people choose bottled water over carbonated soft drinks, the sales of water will exceed those of soda, for the first time, this coming year. Some media outlets have increased their coverage of the bottled water industry, however usually misrepresenting the industry and siding with the critics. IBWA has recently responded to inaccurate and misleading articles published in the Huffington Post, Bloomberg, and the Las Vegas Review. 

ZenithРІР‚в„ўs Global Bottled Water Congress 

The last reminder - Zenith International, one of the best sources for international market updates and networking in the industry is holding the 13th Global Bottled Water Congress, in Prague, October 10-12. This Congress, designed for industry leaders, suppliers, customers, and analysts, offers a complete overview of the latest market trends. The Congress will include a tour of a major bottling plant, two days of conference sessions, and a gala awards dinner. 

A New Boil Water Alert

This has been posted at Florida Tech in Melbourne, Florida. Not all boil water alerts are a result of the systems, however. This alert which affected over 30 schools, and tens of thousands of residents in Brevard County, was the result of a lightning strike, putting the municipal water supply out of commission.

Martin Riese, the Water Sommelier

Starring in his own short film traveling from the Patina Restaurant in LA to Guangzhou, China, for the first of its kind, water tasting competition.

Brands In The News

Nestles Waters Challenge To Employees
NestlГ© Waters North America and NestlГ© Waters Canada recently challenged their 9,000 employees to give away one million bottles of water to the people or causes of their choice by the end of 2016. The new employee program, called “Healthy Hand-off,” engages staff at every level, enabling them to decide for themselves where to direct their own giveaways. 

Highland Spring Voted "UK Water Brand Of The Year"

For the third year running, at the World Branding Awards, Highland Spring, the UKРІР‚в„ўs leading producer of plain bottled water, bottled in Scotland, has been awarded the РІР‚

9/1/2016 6:10 AM By Aqua Maestro 2016

The natural Mivela water spring is situated in the area of Veluće village, Serbia, in the Pasjačka river bed at 720 ft above sea level. Mivela sparkling natural mineral water is distinguished by its high level of magnesium. The natural mineral water is collected from a depth of almost 300 feet without forced pumping. The spring itself is situated at the entrance to woods in natural surroundings untouched, and away from settlements. On its journey from spring to bottle, Mivela runs only through a natural sand filter without any additional treatment, maintaining all the unique properties of Mivela. The bottling plant has been in operation since 1985. 

The first hydro geologic investigations in this region date from the beginning of the 20th century, when the healing groundwater was found. Prof. Dr Marko Leko, first president and founder of the Serbian Chemical Society established in 1897, performed the first chemical analysis of the mineral water from the VelucГ© spring in 1901, finding 352mg/l of MgO (magnesium oxide). The quantity of Magnesium in 1 liter will satisfy the bodyРІР‚в„ўs daily need for this mineral. The magnesium exists in a form that can be absorbed and used in the body for vital functions without any unwanted side effects on digestion.   

Numerous health benefits can be attributed to high levels of Magnesium. It has been shown to improve the general state of body metabolism. Aids in pregnancy, and contributes to the stabilization of heart activity. Magnesium improves the function of the nervous system, and participates in the regulation of blood sugar levels. It also helps maintain the immune system and improves diuresis.

Mivela comes in plastic bottles, and is available in 250ml, 500ml.

Water In The News

Bottled Water to Outsell Soda
for First Time This Year

Bottled water will be more popular than soda for the first time in the U.S. this year, thanks to its convenience -- and fears over whatРІР‚в„ўs coming out of the tap. Per capita, consumption of carbonated soft drinks reached a 30-year low in 2015, according to Beverage Digest.

The biggest U.S. bottled-water companies -- Nestle Waters, Coca-Cola Co., PepsiCo Inc. and Dr Pepper Snapple Group -- say Americans have switched from carbonated beverages because their products are calorie-free and as portable as a can of Mountain Dew. But the expectation that future sales will rise has to do with another, less happy reason: crumbling infrastructure. Lead contamination in places like Flint, Michigan and Newark, New Jersey, have led to images like the one shown.

ZenithРІР‚в„ўs Global Bottled Water Congress 

/ Zenith International has become one of the best sources for international market updates and networking in the industry— This year it is being held in Prague October 10-12. The Congress is designed for industry leaders, suppliers, customers, and analysts to gain a complete overview of the latest market trends. The event provides key insights across all continents from leading companies in each region and extensive time for informal discussion. The Congress will include a tour of a major bottling plant, two days of conference sessions, and a gala awards dinner. 

Brands In The News

NestlГ© Making Their Mark
NestlГ© Waters has posted sales of $4.1 bn in its 2016 half yearly report, with 4.2% organic growth. The significant factors contributing to the growth were double digits in emerging markets, and high single digits in premium sparkling brands, S. Pellegrino and Perrier (Music to our ears).

The San Pellegrino Group has opened a $17.4 m mineral water bottling plant for NestlГ© Waters. The "smart factory" is being heralded as a protocol for future plants, and focuses on environmental sustainability.

New Entries Into The Market Place
Alkaline water enhanced with prenatal vitamins. Every bottle contains the most highly-recommended vitamins and nutrients for pregnant and nursing mothers. The water has a 9.0 pH level.

Aloe Gloe
The Aloe Vera plant contains more than 200 biologically active amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and minerals that have been clinically proven to improve skin and cardiovascular health. Organic Aloe Vera retains the bioactive components of the Aloe Vera plantРІР‚в„ўs inner leaf. Available in 4 varieties such as; Crisp Aloe, Lemonade, Coconut, White Grape.

Truck Hauling Poland Spring Water Overturns
48000 pounds of Poland Spring Water crashed on the Maine Turnpike recently. At 3 am, driver fatigue was cited as the culprit. Not the best way, to recycle plastic bottles.

In the Learning Corner

How Many Germs Are On Your Water Bottle?
Have you looked closely at your water bottle? Treadmill Reviews, a company primarily dedicated to running athletes, took a closer look at the reusable bottles. What they found, is a little scary.

The review involved swabbing, lab testing and evaluating reusable bottles that have been used by a runner, for a period of one week.

To help read what that says... a CFU is a colony-forming unit/square centimeter. The average pet toy, has 2937 units. The average athlete's water bottle, after use for just one week, has 313,499 CFU's. Now, don't take our word for it, check the review out here.

Benefits Of Proper Hydration

credit: Soma Water, San Francisco, CA
Believe It Or Not

Who Needs A Hand Truck?
Watch this guy carry 5 jugs of water. (Each one weighs about 45 lbs (20.5kgs). Click on image below to see video.

On The Lighter Side


Check out our new Instagram account @aqua_maetro, for more pictures and events happening with Aqua Maestro. We will also be offering promotions and free product to our valued followers.

The average weight of single-serve 0.5 liter PET water bottle is now 9.9 grams, nearly half of what it weighed in 2000.

Americans recycle more than 1 million single-serve PET water bottles every hour.

More than 150 U.S. colleges and universities - including the University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Michigan State and Wake Forest - are using graduation caps and gowns made from 100% recycled PET.

A single-serve PET bottle (0.5 liter) is strong enough to hold 50 times its weight in water

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is actually polyester. When PET is used for bottles, containers and other applications, it is called PET or PET resin. When PET is used as a fiber, it is typically called polyester. 

8/1/2016 6:10 AM By Aqua Maestro 2016

Speyside Glenlivet
The source of Speyside Glenlivet is located in Greater Speyside, which covers a wide area of Scotland from the Culloden battlefield in the east, to the Cairngorms National Park in the south. It offers beautiful scenery, heather covered hills, clear rushing burns, a high concentration of whisky distilleries, an abundance of wildlife, superb local produce and silence.

The spring is in the Crown estate of Glenlivet, which sits in the high land to the north east of the Cairngorms and contains the lower reaches of the Avon and its famous tributary the Livet, plus of course the world renowned river Spey. Speyside Glenlivet is one of the world's greatest whisky producing regions and home to many of ScotlandРІР‚в„ўs most famous distilleries. At its heart lies the small but globally renowned village of Glenlivet. Historians reveal that the worldРІР‚в„ўs first whisky distillery was founded here over two hundred years ago.  

Most true Scotch drinkers will recognize the name immediately. The water is superb for adding a touch to many of the whiskey's from the same region of Scotland. If you're a scotch drinker, we need say no more. 

Consistent with the pristine quality of this gorgeous, rugged countryside, the chemistry of Speyside Glenlivet is equally pure. The geology is a 500 million year-old rock formation called the Braes of Glenlivet. The springs – named Slochd and Clash – are at an altitude of 1,520 feet. SpeysideРІР‚в„ўs pH is 7.7, a slightly alkalinic level favored by many because it delivers a slightly sweet after taste. Total Dissolved Solids are a mere 58 milligrams per liter, ranking Speyside in the “pure” category. Nitrates are extremely low at 1.0 mg/l, and the only two chemical elements with any prominence are Bicarbonates at 45 mg/l, and Calcium, which weighs in at 13 mg/l.

Water In The News

Published Claims Draw Scrutiny
Two recent claims by water brands are drawing a little more scrutiny, than had been hoped for. Anyone looking to enter the growing and crowded premium water market has to differentiate themselves somehow, and two brands find themselves defending their marketing. Ironically, both brands source their water from Hawaii.

Kona Deep's sell goes like this: "deep ocean water, unlike regular water, has minerals that may help with athletic performance". Research, initially done for "ocean thermal energy" found deep cold water, was high in minerals and electrolytes. Kona Deep founders worked with researchers at the University of Arizona to study how these minerals might impact athletic performance. The issue now is that this research which was done by charging a fee, did not include all of the relevant data, but issued a "short report" which revealed it may lack some criteria to back the claim.

The second brand under attack is Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. Although deceiving, it may be factual. The bottle itself lists the source as “Keaau Aquifer, Big Island of Hawaii.” The website expounds by saying, “originates in Hawaii through both snowmelt and rain on the pristine snowcapped peak of the active Mauna Loa volcano … then filtered through 14,000 feet of porous lava rock before re-emerging at its source, located at the eastern base of the Mauna Loa volcano in a secluded area surrounded by rich and bio-diverse forest preserves.”

What is NOT said, is that this "source" also happens to be the local source to 1000's of residents in East Hawaii, which comes naturally through their tap!

The California Department of Public Health is investigating a complaint about Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water involving “issues such as labeling and source water requirements associated with Waiakea.”

What Marketing Can Do
We're actually not an advocate of what this graph shows, however it's an indication of our unbiased commitment to show you the information, whatever it may reveal. This graph depicts the growth of purified water as compared to spring water. What it also shows, is a lack of education by those consumers of purified water. We should be careful, or CocaCola (Dasani) and Pepsi (Aquafina) may come after us.

It's not a secret, Aqua Maestro is a fan of spring water, not purified. At least it shows we have room to grow, too!

NestlГ© Waters Partners to Launch Consumer Engagement Center

NestlГ© Waters North America Inc. announces the launch of its digital Consumer Engagement Center in partnership with Salesforce. A new endeavor of digital marketing to allow NestlГ© Waters to better engage with consumers.

First International Fine Water Tasting Competition
/FineWaters, and the Fine Water Society in collaboration with the WaterExpo Guangzhou conducted the first International Fine Water Tasting Competition in Guangzhou, China on 29th of June. Approximately 70 Waters participated in the tasting competition.

Winners of the Fine Water Society TASTE AWARDS and DESIGN AWARDS were;

Taste Awards: Still Category

Super Low Minerality ( < 50mg/l)
  • GOLD - Ice Swan (Chile) & Svalbardi (Norway)
  • SILVER - Iceland Springs
  • BRONZE - Veen (Finland)
Low Minerality (< 250 mg/l)
  • GOLD - Antipodes (New Zealand)
    & Hawaiian Springs (USA)
  • SILVER - Clear Alascan Glacial (USA)
  • BRONZE - Aqua Pacific (Fiji)
Medium Minerality (< 800mg/l)
  • GOLD - Iskilde (Denmark)
  • SILVER - Ustronianka (Poland)
  • BRONZE - 383 Kopjary Water

Taste Awards: Sparkling Category

Added Carbonation
  • GOLD - Cisovianka Perlage (Poland) & Sole (Italy)
  • SILVER - Lurisia (Italy)
  • BRONZE - 22 Artesian
Natural Carbonation
  • GOLD - ORO (Macedonia)
  • SILVER - Guitig (Ecuador)
  • BRONZE - ROI (Slovenia)

Design Awards

GLASS Category
  • GOLD - ROI (Slovenia)
  • SILVER - Svalbardi (Norway)
  • BRONZE - Guitig (Ecuador)
PET Category
  • GOLD - Jackson Springs
  • SILVER - Serra da Graciosa (Brazil)
  • BRONZE - KRYSTAL (China)

Children's Bottled Water Category Growing
A new report on children’s bottled water innovation from Zenith International has shown that the category is expected to grow by 7% a year until 2021. “Increasing awareness of the need for good hydration and greater concern over child obesity mean that children’s bottled water is in an extremely strong position for continued rapid growth,” according to Zenith chairman Richard Hall.

Brands In The News

SvalbarГ°i Launches Freshly Harvested Arctic Iceberg Water
SvalbarГ°i has launched a new limited-edition polar iceberg water, harvested from icebergs freshly calved off glaciers in the remote polar region of the Svalbard archipelago, more than 400 miles north of mainland Norway.

The water is almost entirely mineral-free, with the pH of fresh snow. It's not cheap however, but looks elegant in its one-of-a-kind designed bottle. We know, we have one! SvalbarГ°i recently won the Gold medal for best taste in the category of super low minerality water, at the recent Fine Water Tasting Competition in Guangzhou, China.

The Shape Of Things To Come
San Benedetto has begun bottling a new "Elegance" PET bottle, which will be available in 750ml and 400ml sizes. It's not in the US yet, but once the labeling is approved, Aqua Maestro, will inventory this new bottle.

Highland Spring Breaking Ground
Highland Spring Group, the UKРІР‚в„ўs leading producer of naturally-sourced bottled water, has recently broken ground on a major factory extension. The construction will house a new production line at its Blackford site in Perthshire. This is Aqua Maestro's source for both Highland Spring and Speyside Glenlivet water.

Believe It Or Not....

We'll warn you, if you need 7 minutes of "nothing better to do" than watch this.

How many ways can you flip a water bottle?


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A bottle of water at the Democratic National Convention cost $ 4.25

Most of the earthРІР‚в„ўs surface water is permanently frozen or salty.

Saline water can be desalinated for use as drinking water by going through a process to remove the salt from the water.

More than 247 million acres of United States’ wetlands have been filled, dredged or channelized—an area greater than the size of California, Nevada and Oregon combined.

The Antarctic Ice Sheet is almost twice the size of the United States.

Using equal volumes of water, cold water weighs more than hot water.

7/1/2016 6:10 AM By Aqua Maestro 2016

According to legend, as far back as 218 BC, Hannibal and his army, after crossing Spain on their way to conquer Rome, set up camp on the site of what would later become known as Les Bouillens, a naturally carbonated spring. Soldiers found it remarkably refreshing. The Romans were the first to build a stone basin at the site of the spring, along with a few buildings. These installations were a precursor to the spa that would be built much later on.

Commercial operation really took hold only in 1863, when Napoleon III signed a decree acknowledging that the spring water was a natural mineral water. Six years later, in 1869, fire razed the VergГЁze installations. Despite attempts to restore the site, the company experienced heavy losses, and eventually went bankrupt. Louis RouviГЁre, a VergГЁze landowner and businessman, bought the Bouillens estate in 1888, and in 1894, leased the spring, with an option to purchase, to a doctor from NГ®mes. In 1898, Dr. Louis Perrier took over ownership of the Bouillens estate.

In 1903, Sir St.-John Harmsworth, a member of the English aristocracy, invested in the property and renamed the spring from Les Bouillens to Source Perrier, named after the dedicated physician who brought it to his attention. St John Harmsworth was instrumental in developing the Perrier Spring Company, giving it a strong identity and image, and became responsible for the distinctively shaped bottle. 

Perrier's famous green bottle became popular throughout Europe and was the first sparkling natural mineral water in the U.S. Perrier became an intrinsic part of an active, healthy American lifestyle in the late 1970s. 

NestlГ© took over Perrier in 1992, forming what would eventually be known as NestlГ© Waters SA, which leads the world bottled water market today with 73 brands, including such names as Perrier, Vittel, Valvert, San Pellegrino, Acqua Panna and Contrex.

Water In The News

The Summer Fancy Food Show in NY.
The show, with more cheese, chocolate and beverages than anyone can possibly sample, has come and gone. Reports are that it was a great success. We are somewhat biased, and walk past most of the displays. On a mission, we're looking for the perfect water and presentation. Many new brands are trying to make their entry into the US, and of course many of our great sellers were there also. Here's a few examples of what we found.

If you haven't been there, just the entry area at the Javits Center is huge.

The Scottish booth, proudly displaying Highland Spring and Speyside Glenlivet

Be careful,
that's 142
bottles of Ferrarelle
  San Benedetto introduces a
new bottle design.
  TyNant and
Tau made a showing

Second International Fine Water Tasting

Fine Waters and the Fine Water Society in collaboration with the Water Expo, Guangzhou is conducting the 2nd International Fine Water Tasting Competition in Guangzhou, 29th of June to July 1st, 2016.

US Bottled Water Statistics

Now here are a few US statistics on trends, however, we went to Zenith International in the UK as our source.
  • 73% of the growth in bottled water consumption since 1998 is attributable to people switching from carbonated soft drinks, juices and milk. So tap water is in the remaining 27%.
  • Bottled water could overtake carbonated soft drinks in volume by next year.
  • Current growth rates for selected different water types are:

More Evidence Consumers Are Switching
A recent press release from the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) also highlights the trend of consumers increasingly choosing healthy, convenient, zero-calorie bottled water. In 2015, Americans’ per-capita consumption was up 7.1 percent, with every person in America drinking on average 36.5 gallons of bottled water (up from 34.1 gallons in 2014). BMC also reported that in 2015 bottled water achieved a new volume record—exceeding 11.7 billion gallons, almost 3 billion gallons higher than it had been in 2007. Bottled water sales increased by 8.9 percent in 2015, totaling $14.2 billion (wholesale).

And Further Evidence....
Keurig Green Mountain Inc., which made its name as a maker of single-cup coffee machines, is laying off more than 100 workers after its Keurig Kold home soda machine system fizzled out after less than a year on the market. The company said that it's discontinuing Kold in its first generation and offering customers refunds for the full purchase price. The home soda-making machine debuted last fall to questions about its affordability, in a market in which the demand is decreasing.

"Toilet to Tap" A Solution For Southern CA.

We have discussed this idea before, and now it's even closer to reality. The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California working towards a plan to purify wastewater into potable drinking water. The company is discussing the plan with county sanitation districts, initially, to use the recycled water to recharge underground basins, but there could eventually be a “direct to potable” reuse, according to the district.

Right now, California does not allow “toilet to tap” water, primarily because most people find the concept rather unsettling. But in the coming months, that could change thanks to pending legislation.

Brands In The News

The Trend of New Products Continue
Drinking a bottle of Formula Four Oxygen water not only hydrates consumers, but delivers the same amount of oxygen as breathing for ten minutes, according to the company. This extra oxygen translates to improved endurance, faster recovery, increased stamina and greater mental clarity. Besides distilled water and stabilized oxygen, the only ingredient in the functional beverage is sea salt.

For Your Kids Funny Bone
Tickle water, an unsweetened sparkling water designed for children. Available in 4 flavors, original, green apple, watermelon, and cola. These sparkling beverages are free of preservatives, GMO's, gluten, sodium, sugar, calories and artificial sweetners.

In The Learning Corner

Be Careful Of Too Much Potassium
"Too much of a good thing can actually be bad for you"...well, one man definitely should have heeded that old adage.
On this particular day, he had been playing tennis for hours in over 90-degree temperatures. In that time he drank eight 11-ounce bottles of coconut water…

Suddenly, he started to feel lightheaded and even briefly lost consciousness. Afterward, the man felt weak and was rushed to the emergency room in an ambulance. In addition to feeling unusually warm and disoriented, his heart rate and blood pressure were extremely low.

It turned out that the man had too much potassium in his blood, and the culprit was the massive quantities of coconut water he was regularly drinking. Coconuts, are absolutely loaded with potassium. An abnormally high amount of potassium can lead to deadly conditions like cardiac arrest. Fortunately, the man survived, but he was lucky. Limit your intake of coconut water to just a few servings a day in order to avoid risking your own health!


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By the time a person feels thirsty, his or her body has lost over 1 percent of its total water amount.

89 % of Colorado's naturally occurring lakes are found at altitudes above 9,000 feet.

On average, a rugby player will lose 2.06 litres of water an hour

According to Guinness World Records, the most expensive bottle of water ever sold went for over Р’Р€15,000 ($24,000) at auction in Dubai.

Human babies cannot produce tears until they are at least six weeks old

6/1/2016 6:10 AM By Aqua Maestro 2016

Ty Nant pronounced Tee Nant (short as in ant), means house by the stream. The region from where Ty Nant is drawn, lies in an unspoiled rural area of mid Wales. Sourced from deep beneath the ancient Cambrian Mountains, an area of outstanding natural beauty, Ty Nant offers consumers the unique opportunity to sample one of nature's most treasured products - natural mineral water.

The purity of Ty Nant is attributed to an unusual aquifer lodged in a dense geological formation; the discovery of this source was recent and occurred in 1976. Ty Nant has no Nitrates, a neutral pH, and very low total mineralization at only 165 mg/l. Once famous only for their eye-popping cobalt blueglass bottle shaped like a bowling pin, it is offered in both still and carbonated varieties. Ty Nant revolutionized plastic packaging when they teamed with Welsh born designer Ross Lovegrove to create the sensational new PET bottle. It is easily one of the most unforgettable, impressive PET (plastic) water bottles in the world, with a hard ripple effect that evokes the fluidity of water. Walk into your gym carrying a Ty Nant 1/2 Liter or 1 liter plastic bottle, and heads turn. 

Water In The News

US Imports OF Bottled Water, In Value Terms,
2007-2015 (million USD)

An interesting story can be told by the numbers. In 2007 imported water was thriving. Everyone wanted to be in the water business. The recession took place, and imports immediately slowed down throughout 2009. A bounce in 2010 was only staved off by political correctness. The greening of America, footprints being scrutinized, tap vs bottled, and protect the landfills from plastic. So another slowing ensued. 2013 began the change again, as health conscious consumers returned to a healthier choice than carbonated soft drinks.

Italy and France have been the overwhelming choice of bottled water into the U.S., with a combined share of 77% of total U.S. imports in 2015. U.S. imports are still in the recovery phase of the economic cycle. They have to grow another 10% in order to reach the pre-recession level of 2007. Despite fierce competition, the U.S. continues to be one of the most attractive destinations for overseas suppliers. New reports by Mintel Research confirm the upward trend is not only expected to continue, but with increasing volumes through 2020.

Another View Of The Healthy Trend (million USD)

Bottled water is poised to overtake carbonated soft drinks as America's largest beverage category by volume by 2017, if not by the end of 2016, according to data from the International Bottled Water Assoc. (IBWA) and the Beverage Marketing Corporation.

We have mentioned numerous studies all confirming the decline of the "soft" drink. This image compares the volume change in the last decade.

US soft drinks retail volume, 2005 vs 2015

Brands In The News

Black Living Water

/Black Living Water is a bottled water beverage that blends water from the Rocky Mountains with fulvic and humic acid, probiotics, trace minerals, and electrolytes. It marks another entry into the fulvic acid-enhanced "Black" water. (There is already a brand called BLK Water). This water boasts a pH of 10, which would qualify as an alkaline water. The liquid is, as the name states, pretty close to pure black in color, with a slight "earthy" taste.

In The Learning Corner

It's important to have a brief lesson in plastic. A new report has surfaced, once again hyping the dangers of BPA in water bottles. The media is too quick to pick up on these studies and report on them as if they include ALL water bottles. What is NOT revealed is that the bottles they are referring to are 3 and 5 gallon bottles....NOT individual water bottles.

/The type of plastic used is important to know. Look at your bottle, if it contains this symbol, with the number 1, the bottle is made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). These bottles DO NOT contain BPA. Yet the media doesn't tell you that.

/There are 7 symbols describing different types of plastic, and their use. The 3 and 5 gallon containers, which fall under the category, "other" DO contain BPA. Make note of that, these containers will bear the #7 inside the symbol.

Believe It Or Not

We had to bend the rules slightly, to bring you this story. It's not truly about bottled water, it's really Vodka (although, not a bad topic). Where this story becomes relevant however, is the source of the water used for Fog Point Vodka. It's pure San Francisco Bay fog!

As the vaporous fog from the Pacific Ocean moves across the bay, it directly enters into a fog collector's netting. The water particles gather along the catcherРІР‚в„ўs netting, collecting into droplets of water that gravity pulls into a liquid pool at the base of the structure, and voilà—water.  

On The Lighter Side


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Water is never totally consumed, it always recycles itself, in one form or another.

It is possible to drink water that was part of the dinosaur era because water is constantly recycled.

A dogs' nose is so sensitive that it can tell the difference between a tub of water and a tub of water with a teaspoon of salt in it.

A seagull can drink salt water because it has special glands that filter out the salt. 

Water regulates the 
earthРІР‚в„ўs temperature (it is a natural insulator).

5/1/2016 6:10 AM By Aqua Maestro 2016

Italy's Number 1 Sparkling Water, Ferrarelle gushes from the Sorgenti di Riardo Park, close to Naples, in the South of Italy.

Ferrarelle acquires its natural sparkle as carbon dioxide rises through the deepest parts of the extinct volcano Roccamonfina in Campania, near Caserta. The area is currently protected by more than 5000 olive and oak trees. It is also known as the Assno Valley and Bagni, meaning baths. 

The natural sparkle and fine balance of precious minerals are the result of the course taken by the water over the millennia. In fact, the rocks from which Ferrarelle springs are many thousands of years old, as are the subterranean strata over which the water flows. 

Ferrarelle is rich in minerals with a TDS (total dissolved solids) of 1285 mg/L. It is blessed with a unique taste, which is soft and fresh. Its sparkle, so smooth on the palate, makes it just right from starters through to dessert, and for all menus. It goes particularly well with cheese dishes, crepes, ravioli, and white meat with delicate sauces. 

This unique phenomenon of nature known as  Ferrarelle was given its name in the 8th century. The origin of that name, however, is a matter of historical controversy.  According to the 19th-century historian Michele Broccoli, the name may be traced to a small chapel in the vicinity, which later disappeared, probably called Santa Maria della Ferrara. Another explanation has the name deriving from the common habit of calling Ferrarelle РІР‚Сљacqua ferrata”, meaning iron water. A third hypothesis claims that the name Ferrarelle is rooted in the local comparisons between areas of cold springs, Freddarelle, and hot springs,  Caldarelle. Whatever its origin, Ferrarelle is certain to remain at the top of any list of the worldРІР‚в„ўs premier waters for generations to come.  

The revitalized plant is now powered by 5000 solar panels installed in the grounds to provide energy for everyday activities.  

Water In The News

The Category continues to grow
Recent studies have shown that Gen Z (Generation Z, those reaching young adulthood) have been taught to reach for healthier choices. Practicality and natural products are preferred, while artificial ingredients and crazy fads are on the way out.

A few of the key findings include;
  • Bottled water is the No. 1 beverage purchase, with 43 percent consuming it 7 or more times each week
  • As far as future consumption is concerned, 42 percent plan to drink more bottled water and only 8 percent plant to drink less of it
  • While they find bottled water tastes better than tap water, 59 percent try to fill up water bottles and/or use a filtered water system on a regular basis.
  • 43 percent report regularly reading labels and 38 percent say they do at least sometimes.
  • Around half of all students say they try to avoid artificial sweeteners, flavoring, preservatives and high-fructose corn syrup.
  • When it comes to why they try new beverages, students cite friendsРІР‚в„ў picks at 52 percent, “healthy/good for you” (49 percent), free samples (37 percent), interesting flavors (36 percent) and sale/ promotions (25 percent).

Brands In The News

The latest video coming from evian's "baby series" rolled out only a week ago, and is already going viral. Titled "Baby Bay" it depicts the evian babies grabbing surfboards and catching some waves, much to the surprise of the one grownup on the beach.
You can watch it here:

Evian has pulled out the stops, with matching tee shirts, and moving billboards.

Many New Entries Hitting The Shelves, Again

This may be stretching the boundaries as to what qualifies as water, or enhanced water. Detox Water is infused with 350mg of ACTIVAloe. Each bottle contains 2.3 ounces of 100% pure aloe juice. It also contains 4 grams of sugar, and 30 calories per bottle (two servings). Detox water will be available starting on the West Coast, this month, and moving across the country in May and June.

Givn Water, a bottled water brand whose tagline is “Infused with Good Karma,” is beginning to show up on store shelves in Illinois as well as select areas in the South and New England. It's a naturally alkaline water and high in electrolytes.

It may be time for a disclaimer. We show these items in an effort to show you what's new. A recent news item in BevNet News, called these entries "Premium Water Brands" For the record, Aqua Maestro considers a "Premium" water, to be one which comes from a single source, is not purified or modified, and what is contained in the bottle is exactly what comes from the source (filtered for particulate).

Believe It or Not

The Drinkable Book
In partnership with Dr. Theresa Dankovich from Carnegie Mellon, WATERisLIFE introduced The Drinkable Bookв„ў, the first-ever manual that provides safe water, sanitation and hygiene education and serves as a tool to kill deadly waterborne diseases by providing the reader with an opportunity to create clean, drinkable water from each page. One page can supply clean drinking water for up to 30 days. Containing 50 pages, a book will provide 4 years of clean 99.9% pure drinking water.

A Water Bottle That Turns Air Into Water?
The world's first self-filling water bottle. This bottle will turn air into water! Under the perfect conditions, as much as 27 ounces in an hour. Humid air enters the top of the Fontus Airo water bottle where it's chilled by a solar-powered cooler. Water droplets form and run through a filter down into the bottle. Still in its start up phase, this bottle could add a whole new way of life, when camping, bike riding, or even stuck somewhere you can't buy water. (As long as it's humid outside.)

Newest Penguin In The Family

We just added this to our colony. Did you know, that was the term for a group of penguins, on land? (We always strive to keep you informed). On the road 2 days, and already a call from a restaurant who noticed our truck!

On The Lighter Side

Even we say...."seriously?"


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The average person in the United States uses 80 to 100 gallons of water each day. During medieval times a person used only 5 gallons per day.

Ancient Egyptians treated water by siphoning water out of the top of huge jars after allowing the muddy water from the Nile River to settle.

Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine, directed people in Greece to boil and strain water before drinking it.

The first water pipes made in the U. S. were fire-charred, bored-out logs.

Pure water has no smell and no taste, it also has a pH level around 7.

4/1/2016 6:10 AM By Aqua Maestro 2016

Most of the Worlds' Bottled Water comes from someplace other than the USA. For 100's and even 1000's of years, the world has been drinking water from springs, or jugs or glass bottles. One water, however, has made its mark in history. From deep beneath the Adirondack foothills flows a well celebrated spring water. An illustrious history is associated with Saratoga® Springs, in upstate NY.

Since the 14th century the springs of Saratoga have quenched the thirst of generations with some of the most crisp, clean tasting waters in the world. In fact, the wealthy from Europe and America came to Saratoga Springs for generations, in large part to enjoy the fine mineral waters that flow from deep beneath the lush foothills. Soon Saratoga Springs became one of the most prestigious spa resorts in the country. 

In 1872 a small family owned business emerged with the discovery of a new, plentiful spring source in Saratoga. This spring had an especially sweet, crisp taste to it. Born was the Saratoga Spring Water Company, with the idea to bottle and distribute this delicious water for all to enjoy. For many decades Saratoga Spring Water Co. remained a family company, bottling the famous waters of Saratoga. Today, Saratoga Spring Water Co. shares generations of history, heritage, and knowledge. Saratoga Spring Water has been through many years of change, adaptation, and technology. Their updated bottling plant, and distribution system, operates at this same family-owned site as it once did in 1872.

Saratoga Sparkling & Non-Sparkling spring water is available in an award winning cobalt blue glass bottle, coming in two sizes, 28 oz (.83L) and 12 oz (.35L).

Water In The News

The National Park Service's "silly" Ban
On Bottled Water

It's coming up on 5 years, since the NPS began banning bottled water in some of their parks. Arguments on both sides....some saying it helps eliminate waste, however other's are quick to point out, it doesn't eliminate waste, it only redirects the purchase from a healthy choice, to an unhealthy choice. Bottled soda, has not been banned. Some parks have added boxed water, but that still adds a different waste product.

Apparently no one has any "real" knowledge, if the ban actually accomplishes anything. A recent report from Zion National Park claimed it had "eliminated the sale of 60,000 bottles of water, which is the equivalent of 5000 pounds of plastic not entering the waste stream." But the IBWA found, based on an average weight of an empty plastic bottle, 60,000 bottles weigh only 1225 pounds or 25% of Zion's claim. Congress is becoming irritated, and will be hearing from NPS Director soon. If he stands his ground, he'll need to convince Congress and the taxpayers, that this "silly" policy should not be reversed.

Is The Tide Turning?
First, the National Park System is being scrutinized for their "silly" ban (above), and now, could Massachusetts be reversing their Bottle Bill?

The state's 33-year-old beverage deposit law, could be facing a new challenge. A recent proposal seeks to boost municipal recycling programs while ending the practice of consumers toting their empty bottles and cans back to stores or redemption centers to get their nickel deposits back.

Attempts were made to expand the bill to include bottled water, but was met with a decisive defeat in 2014, and now goes even further to eliminate the 5-cent deposits altogether.

Which Continent Consumes
The Most Bottled Water?

Brands In The News

Functional Waters Market Reaches $12bn Value
We have introduced many of these functional waters, and have highlighted at least one every month.

According to Zenith International, the global market increased about 12% just last year, and an estimated dollar value up 11% approaching $12 billion. It is forecast to double over the next 5 years. Much of the growth (also as shown in the chart above) comes from the Asia-Pacific region.

And Now...
The Next New Idea...

Protein2o an enhanced water...is adding 15gms of protein to their water. The new brand is hitting shelves in Walmart. The water has 70 calories, and is the lowest ready-to-drink protein beverage on the market.

No, We're Not Making
A Political Statement

However, we do show bottled water in the news....and this is definitely in the news.

Believe It or Not

You Be The Judge
We dug through some archived images and....
well these bottles are samples of water taken from Chinese urban rivers and lakes.

Taken in Beijing, China; Xu Jiehua (r), the wife of the Chinese environmental activist Wu Yilong, who collected these samples. (Seriously? ...it looks like bottles of Gatorade)

In The Learning Corner

5 Signs You're Not Drinking Enough Water
So many articles are written explaining the health benefits of drinking water. Too many to write about. But here's a concise list with 5 reasons to keep yourself hydrated.

  1. You're tired - drinking water can boost your energy levels
  2. Your skin looks bad - drinking water can keep skin from looking dry and wrinkled from dehydration
  3. Your joints hurt - water lubricates joints and can help alleviate pain
  4. Your immune system is weak - Proper hydration can help prevent coughs, colds and the flu
  5. You're gaining weight - drinking water can help control appetite and keep calories down.

On The Lighter Side


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On average, 50% - 70% of household water is used outdoors for watering lawns and gardens.

A dripping faucet can waste up to 2,000 gallons/7,600 liters of water a year. A leaky toilet can waste as much as 200 gallons/260 liters of water a day.

On average, a drop of water which finds its way into Lake Superior from runoff or rainfall takes more than two centuries to travel through the Great Lakes system and along the St. Lawrence River to the ocean

Old Faithful, a geyser in Yellowstone National Park, can spout water 170 feet in the air. That is as high as a 17-story building.

The elephant can smell water up to 3 miles away.

3/1/2016 5:10 AM By Aqua Maestro 2016
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