San BenedettoВ 
San Benedetto mineral Water comes from glaciers in the Dolomites, part of the Italian Alps in North Eastern Italy. After flowing a great distance underground, the water, which was tapped at the surface in ancient times, is now drawn from 1,000 feet below, in an underground basin in the Veneto Plain. This ensures that all its original features are unchanged, and the natural balance of minerals and trace elements that is essential to our well-being remains uncontaminated.

San Benedetto  was arguably the original favorite of the Republic of Venice, in vogue with aristocratic Venetian families during the Renaissance. It became known as theВ San Benedetto Health Water," and was consumed and appreciated for its curative qualities. Without question,  San Benedetto is an elite, low-mineral delicacy that carries a 30 milligram per liter punch of Magnesium. TheВ San Benedetto bottle is attractive, and is available in both still and sparkling versions.

San Benedetto, one of Italy's Finest (and by the way, there are over 600 of them) has based its own growth on technological innovation. Today it has one of the largest bottling plants in the world.  


Water In The News

Water Summit And Tasting Competition

Aqua Maestro recently attended, and presented, at the Fine Water Summit in Guangzhou, China. Pictured below are some of the world’s foremost water sommeliers, representing the US, China, Korea, the UK, and Macau.

In collaboration with the 2017 WaterExpo Guangzhou, the 2nd International Fine Water Tasting competition was also held.

We have included the GOLD winners, but for a full list, go to “Finewaters” site. Click here to view the winners.


Super Low Minerality

Gold: Lofoten

Low Minerality
Gold: Fine Nordic Raw Sand

Medium Minerality
Gold: Krystal, Primal

Exotic Sources
(Deepsea, fruit, …)
Gold: Deeps

Added Carbonation
Gold: American Summits

Natural Carbonation
Gold: ROI

Trouble At The US Open
The second major of the golf season, the US Open, at Erin Hills in Wisconsin, has brought attention to why bottled water may be important. Bacteria E. Coli was discovered in a drinking fountain near the 12th hole, opening day.  The Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department discovered the E. coli in a sample of water taken at a hydration station. It is presumed that the E. coli originated from a contaminated well connected to the station, which was immediately closed. In response, the U.S. Golf Association had agreed to supply complimentary bottled water at all drinking stations for the duration of the tournament.

Brands In The News

Millennial’s Choose Favorite Water
A survey completed by media company Condé Nast and Financial guru Goldman Sachs have concluded that San Pellegrino mineral water is included in their “Love List” among 7555 US consumers and millennial food enthusiasts. Three broad trends emerged in their study; Millennials want healthy snacks, price quality and brand are paramount, and they are one-stop shoppers. (We did notice a direct relationship to advertising…for example, the top ten food retailers include Wal-Mart, Costco, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Target, Kroger, Safeway, Aldi, Sam’s Club and Amazon.

NestlГ© Waters expands Perrier Line
NestlГ© Waters is adding two varieties to the Perrier Flavors line. The new lemon and green apple offerings will not include sugar and boast just two calories each.

Believe It Or Not

Chocolate Without Milk?

/Peter Svenningsen, an award-winning chocolatier from Denmark, was also present at the Fine Water Summit in Guangzhou. He has mastered the art of using water instead of milk in his chocolates. His philosophy is all about ingredients….the quality of the cacao, the berries or any ingredient he may choose to add. Now comes the water…he has used Iskilde water in his recipes, and only recently tried other brands such as ROI, or Svalbardi. In a mini chocolate tasting, as pictured, you could taste the difference between the three brands of water used.

The Secret To Shiny Hair?

Mineral water: Rinsing your hair in bottled spring water is the celeb secret for glossy locks. But can it really be worth it?
Apparently, the trick is to wash your hair with shampoo as normal, then rinse it with bottled water for two weeks. Celebrities including Kim Basinger and Demi Moore are rumored to have been doing this for ages. Trichologist Dr. Bessam Farjo, who has conducted intensive research into hair and scalp health, confirms that washing your hair in bottled water can improve its overall health. Who knew!

On A Hot Day….How Refreshing?
(as seen in the Hong Kong Airport)


/Two Spoiled Dogs

Those are bottles of Hildon water sitting there, used to quench their thirst.

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Waterfalls don't freeze completely because of the tremendous volume of water that never stops flowing.  

Water polo has been part of the Summer Olympics program since the second games, in 1900.

1 out of 10 American adults say they do not drink any water daily.

Heating water is the second largest energy user in the home.

More than 79,000 tons of chlorine are used per year, in the United States and Canada, to treat water.


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