Hurricane Irma had other plans for our month of September. We found ourselves working around the clock (literally) as the storm approached on Sept 5th. By that weekend, those that chose to stay, were hunkered down hoping (praying) for the best. At the time, a CAT 5 was heading for us and to call it scary, is an understatement.

As it turned out, we were fortunate to only be hit by a CAT 1. Our good fortune, however was at the expense of Key West and Naples which both received direct hits. The enormous size of the storm is what captured ALL Floridians. The entire State was hit with flooding, loss of power, and downed trees.

In the span of 1 month, there have been 4 hurricanes to be dealt with.

It’s not very often we see our customers on Brickell Avenue in Downtown Miami, needing a boat to cross the street.

Aqua Maestro was without power and fuel for a week. Additionally, a server hosting our database was compromised, and our site went down. In retrospect, maybe that was a good thing. Check out our site now, A screen shot of our home page is below. We’re very proud!

Check out our new Instagram account @aqua_maetro, for more pictures and events happening with Aqua Maestro. We will also be offering promotions and free product to our valued followers.

Chiara Ferragni’s label can best be defined as playful, chic, bright and lively – the very traits that Evian was looking to infuse in its latest bottle designs. Expected to be available in late November, we are taking pre-orders now.


All new….Evian 330ml Sport Cap just for kids!