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TŶ NantTŶ Nant
TŶ Nant pronounced Tee Nant (short as in ant), means house by the stream. The region from where TŶ Nant is drawn, lies in an unspoiled rural area of mid Wales. Sourced from deep beneath the ancient Cambrian Mountains, an area of outstanding natural beauty, TŶ Nant offers consumers the unique opportunity to sample one of nature's most treasured products - natural mineral water.

Ty Nant Mountainside - Source - Wales - UK

Map of source of TŶ Nant, Wales - UKThe purity of TŶ Nant is attributed to an unusual aquifer lodged in a dense geological formation. TŶ Nant natural mineral water has unique characteristics. This is primarily due to the character of the regions underlying geology. The discovery of this source was recent and occurred in 1976. TŶ Nant has no Nitrates, a neutral pH, and very low total mineralization at only 165 mg/l. Once famous only for their eye-popping cobalt blue glass bottle shaped like a bowling pin, it is offered in both still and carbonated varieties. TŶ Nant revolutionized plastic packaging when they teamed with Welsh born designer Ross Lovegrove to create the sensational new PET bottle. It is easily one of the most unforgettable, impressive PET (plastic) water bottles in the world, with a hard ripple effect that evokes the fluidity of water. Walk into your gym carrying a TŶ Nant 1/2 Liter or 1 liter plastic bottle, and heads turn.

Ty Nant Bottling Faciliy - Source - Wales - UK

Ty Nant Production Line - Bottling Faciliy - Source - Wales - UK

TyNant 750ml Glass / TyNant 1L Plastic

To show our appreciation for our “Water of the Month” members, in time for the Holidays, we are including 1 evian Limited Edition Bottle with your shipment of TyNant Water this month.

Water In The News

A Users Guide To Bottled Water

That is the title of an article written by Bob Morris, an American Novelist. Perhaps it should have been called “One users guide….” We are NOT being critical of his writing, on the contrary, it’s very interesting and supports our philosophy about bottled water, but it is his experience “sourcing the sources”, to use his words. It is a week in the life of Bob, as he travels around Europe on the “ultimate hydration tour”. He visits the sources of waters like Evian, Perrier and San Pellegrino. It’s a short read and worth the time.
It can be found here.

IBWA Launches Podcast About Bottled Water

The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) has launched its own podcast, “H2O In The Know,” as a new way to connect with consumers and ensure they have access to key bottled water facts. H2O In The Know offers consumers a great new way to learn interesting facts and stories about water, especially bottled water. For our readers, this Podcast is bottled water in general. Although the regulations apply, it does not distinguish between channels and the “Fine Water” segment.

Smart TV’s, Smart Cars…and now a Smart Bottle

Water IOIsrael based Water.IO has developed a Smart Cap, which turns your water bottle into a Smart Bottle. Download the corresponding App, and your water bottle, via your phone, will monitor how much water you have consumed, how much remains in the bottle and when you need to take another drink. The new cap recently won “Best New Cap or Closure” category in Zenith Global’s Global Bottled Water Awards.

Alkaline Water…Is It Really Better For You?

It seems most companies that produce a high alkaline water are very careful not to make many claims about the benefits of a high pH water. pH in general is very unstable. An Alkaline water which may be artificially doctored to raise the pH level at time of bottling, may not test at the same level when opened for consumption. Additionally, when a high pH water is introduced into the body, the stomach immediately begins producing more acid to counter the high pH and bring the body back into an equilibrium. A recent court case in California against Trader Joe’s Alkaline Water was tossed out of court because (fortunately for Trader Joe’s) the bottle did not make any claims about any added benefits.

Brands In The News

Kuerig Dr Pepper To Distribute Evian

Keurig Dr Pepper (KDP) has signed an agreement with Danone Waters of America (DWA) to sell, distribute and merchandise evian in the United States. The move is aimed at accelerating growth in the US for Evian, and was announced only 30 days after Fiji exited an agreement with KDP.

New…In The Marketplace

Spindrift: introduced a cranberry-raspberry sparkling water.

Good Idea: a sparkling mineral water containing amino acids to help manage blood sugar levels.

H2OPS: a non-alcohol zero calorie sparkling water brewed with Hops.

Oxigen: oxygen-infused water supplement.

Detoxwater: functional water containing aloe vera.

Kalena: Organic sparkling coconut water.

Kiki: Canadian brand released its Maple Sweet Water in 750ml bottles.

Ax-Water: functional flavored water infused with antioxidants from red wine.

Susosu Water: South Korean hydrogen water.

wanu: a water infused with nutrients and fiber.

In The Learning Center

Holiday Tips for traveling with your Pet

  1. Make an appointment with your Vet; especially if flying
  2. Buy the proper kennel or crate; roomy enough to stand and move around
  3. Build up tolerance for a long drive
  4. Pack a travel car kit
    Just as you pack snacks and drinks for the family, do the same for your pet.
    Most importantly, include “bottled water

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Today, drinking water meets over a hundred different standards for drinking water quality.

We are very fortunate, most of the world's people must walk at least 3 hours to fetch water.

The overall amount of water on our planet has remained the same. It is just found in different states, gaseous (clouds) solid (ice) and liquid (water).

There is more fresh water in the atmosphere than in all of the rivers on the planet combined.

Water can dissolve more substances than any other liquid including sulfuric acid.

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