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Featured Water
Gerolsteiner Carbonated Water
Gerolsteiner Straight from the midst of the Vulkaneifel (Volcanic Eifel) comes Germany's most popular water: Gerolsteiner natural mineral water. Special geological circumstances typical to the Eifel are the reason for the unique flavor and freshness as well as the healthy substances contained in the water. Mineral water is a pure product of nature. It is taken from the so called deep groundwater, which is from the accumulation of many decades of rain water, filtered and purified while seeping slowly through the layers of sediment and rock.

Map of source of Gerolsteiner Water - GermanyDue to the Volcanic Eifel's geological history, Gerolsteiner mineral water is especially rich in minerals. Every drop of rain is filtered and purified on its way through the various layers of rock. At the same time, the water is enriched with carbonic acid, making it a naturally sparkling water. Aided by the carbonic acid, the drop of water is able to assimilate minerals and trace elements from the otherwise non-water-soluble dolomite rock. Carbonic acid also allows the water to stay fresh and clear throughout the centuries.

The mineral water gathers in layers of rock located up to 200 meters beneath the surface and is thus safe from environmental influences. It is pumped to the surface from 21 wells in Gerolstein and subsequently piped to the bottling facilities there. These pumping stations are electronically supervised to continuously control the wells' water level, the temperature and the mineral level.

On January 1, 1888, the mine manager Wilhelm Castendyck founded the firm Gerolsteiner Sprudel in Gerolstein. In the same year, the first well was drilled. In November 1888, the water became an official water of the city and became popular because of its high amount of natural carbonic acid. In 1889 its star and lion symbol was trademarked, and by 1895, the water began exporting to Australia.

Brunnen table water was used to supply water to Buckingham Palace during the reign of Queen Victoria. In 1928, the company began to export to the United States. The Gerolsteiner factory was completely destroyed in a bombing raid during Christmas 1944. In 1946 the filling machines were repaired and the full building and installation were rebuilt by 1948.

Gerolsteiner Source
For a 1 minute video about Gerolsteiner, Click the Image above.

Gerolsteiner/Glass - Jana/Plastic - Water of The Month

Water In The News

Harnessing Drinking Water From The Sun?

Well, not quite….but we have previously mentioned large scale generators that act like air conditioners pulling moisture from the air. Enough to bottle it and provide some of our military in the middle east with drinking water.

ARENA, an Australian company is providing funding to US-based Zero Mass Water to deploy 150 of its solar-powered SOURCE drinking water systems across multiple locations in Australia. SOURCE hydropanels can produce up to five liters of clean drinking water on a typical day, depending on the climate.

Brands In The News

Nestlé Waters Plant In Sacramento Powered By Clean Energy

Nestlé Waters North America, in partnership with SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utility Dist), just oday announced agreements that will allow its facility in Sacramento, California to be powered by 100 percent renewable energy. The Greenergy Program allows business customers to purchase up to 100 percent of their electricity from renewable resources such as wind, water, sun and biomass.

Hydrogen Infused Water

Hydrogen Factor Water

As the water category continues to expand, brands are searching for new ways to appeal to the market place. The addition of molecular hydrogen gas has been done in Japan where they boast it has become a treatment for ailments and diseases. Brands working in the space say the added hydrogen brings a variety of benefits, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It can also increase energy and mental clarity, speed up muscle recovery time and improve the appearance of skin.

The scientific community is still undecided, however one of the earliest brands to enter the U.S. hydrogen water market place, Pennsylvania-based HFactor has faced the challenge of educating consumers and retailers about the unique benefits of its innovative product.

Fiji unveils new sports cap bottle design

Fiji Unveils Sport Cap on 700ml bottle

This is not expected to hit shelves until Summer, however we thought we would let you know what’s coming. The new cap will be available on their 700ml size.

Perrier Releases Peach Carbonated Mineral Water

Perrier Peach Flavored Carbonated Water

Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water introduces a new product to its expanding selection of flavored carbonated mineral waters: Perrier Peach. The bold and mouthwatering peach-flavored beverage is sugar-free with zero calories and zero sweeteners, presenting a delicious alternative to soft drinks and other sugary beverages.

Perrier Peach is the latest addition to the growing range of Perrier flavor offerings, which currently includes Lime, Strawberry, Watermelon, L’Orange and Pink Grapefruit flavors, in addition to unflavored Original.

Believe It Or Not

What's in A Name?

Liquid Death Brand WaterOr what’s in the can? Answering the second question first. It’s a spring water which is purified and then put in a can. Their tag line is “Made from the deadliest stuff on earth.” A spin taken from the definition of water poisoning, or water intoxication. Yes, too much water can kill you. Their success so far has come from marketing to the millennials.

Question To Ponder

Why do drive-up ATM machines have Braille lettering?


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The earth's total allotment of water has a volume of about 344 million cubic miles. Of this, 7 million cubic miles (2%) is frozen in polar ice caps.

Eighty percent of the fresh water we use in the U.S. is for irrigating crops and generating thermoelectric-power.

Each day the sun evaporates 1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) tons of water.

75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.

Take a bottle of water with you when skiing, ice-skating or shoveling snow; water will help you stay warm, it helps regulate your body temperature

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