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At the heart of the Northern Alps lies the source of an all natural, perfectly pure water - evian. It all starts with rain and melting snow on the peaks of the Northern Alps, where each drop of evian water starts its 15+ year journey through layers of glacial sand that ends at evian's protected source on the shores of Lake Geneva. Through this process, the water is filtered naturally, without chemicals, giving evian the purity, mineral content, and taste that nature intended. Every day, samples are taken at over 20 different points between the protected catchment areas and the on-site bottling plant to ensure consistent quality.

Map of source of evian, FranceIn 1789, the Marquis de Lessert, discovered the Cachat Spring, evian's source, in the small town of evian-les-Bains on Lake Geneva. After spending several days drinking from the spring, the nobleman believed that the water aided in passing his kidney stones. News of the event soon spread and crowds gathered to sample the water to ease ailments. By 1878, the Dukes of Savoy issued the first bottling authorization for evian Natural Spring Water.

evian World Headquarters, FranceToday, evian is available in over 120 countries throughout the world and is still bottled exclusively at its protected natural spring source in evian-les-Bains. The water itself never changes, perfect and timeless.

Watch 2 Minute video on the origin of evian water
2 Minute video about the origin of evian from the heart of the Alps Watch Video >

evian 750mL/Glass - evian 500mL/Plastic - Water of The Month

Water In The News

Global Market Continues to Grow

BCC Research (Business Communications Company), a US based market research company has recently published a report indicating the Global Market for Bottled Water Products will continue to see a 10.8% annual growth through 2022. In terms of dollars, the bottled water market is expected to grow from $190 billion in 2016 reaching $342 billion in 2022.

  • Still water makes up the largest category, accounting for 65%

  • PET bottles account for the largest share in terms of packaging

  • By Distribution channel, supermarkets and hypermarkets lead the market at 54%

Rising concerns regarding the high sugars in carbonated soft drinks are shifting the consumer’s focus from flavored and carbonated soft drinks to flavored and carbonated bottled water.

The Global Market Consumption by Country
Rank Country Gallons
1 China 25469
2 United States 13711
3 Mexico 8683
4 Indonesia 8158
5 Brazil 5795
6 India 5759
7 Thailand 3966
8 Germany 3132
9 Italy 2918
10 France 2446
Top 10 Subtotal 80035
All Others 19520
World Total 99556

Commissary Recalls Its Bottled Water
It’s happening everywhere, a recent recall of “Freedom’s Choice Water” due to the discovery of “potential impurities that exceed manufacturer’s standards.” Officials believe they have pulled all of the budget brand water from the shelves in stores across the system. There are no reports of any actual illness. Another reason we prefer “fine water.”

Freedom’s Choice Water

Competition For Bottled Mineral water?
Mitte, a startup company in Germany, has raised seed money for its new endeavor, producing mineral water in your own home. It is the “first of its kind smart home water system.” The product distills tap water, adds back trace minerals, and does so with reusable components. It has raised $10.6 million, including an investment from Danone Manifesto Ventures (the venture arm of Danone…parent company of evian, Badoit, Volvic and a host other brands).

London Has 20 New Water Fountains
In an effort to cut plastic waste and reduce single-use plastic bottles, London is encouraging people to refill rather than buy bottled water. “Refill London” has started with 20 locations although when they opened the project to shops and business, they received over 2000 applications.
rehydration station

Brands In The News

Boots Store Gets A New Shelf Stocker

Shoppers at Boots -Westfield store were surprised to find none other than Will Smith dressed as a store manager stocking shelves and handing out water. He was there as part of a launch for his new Just Water brand in the 800 strong Boots stores, located throughout the UK. Smith signed water bottles and mingled with the shoppers.
Will Smith dressed as a store manager

Question To Ponder

Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food, or cat flavored dog food?


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Lack of water is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue.

Groundwater can take a human lifetime just to traverse a mile.

You need to drink 4-6 ounces of water for every 15-20 minutes of exercise.

If you lose 5% of your body’s fluid, you can find yourself facing heat exhaustion

Distilled water is intended to be used in processes where mineral buildup can cause problems, such as in running machinery or for cleaning, NOT for drinking.

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