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Three Bays

Three Bays

Three Bays Mineral Water

3,000 feet below the wild southern coastline of Australia, something truly unique occurs.

Three Bays mineral water pushes to the surface on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula from a 600 million-year-old catchment beneath Port Phillip, Western Port and Corio Bays.

Its 2,000 - year journey through the soil creates water rich in minerals, with a uniquely creamy taste and exquisitely smooth finish.

Brand Details
  • Country of Origin: Australia
  • Source: Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula
  • Type: Sparkling, Still Water
  • Hardness: Very Hard
  • Orientation: Alkaline
  • pH: 8.3
  • TDS: 1300
Bottle & Water Type
  • Still - Clear Glass bottle [750mL]
  • Sparkling - Clear Glass bottle [750mL]

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