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Water and your health

You survive about a month without food. You can't live without water for a week.

Almost 70% of the human body is comprised of water, one way or another. Water is the overwhelming component of blood, muscle, and fat. 

Each day, we lose around 3 pounds of water a day from perspiration, expectoration, and urination. This cyclical flow of water through our bodies is vital to purge the numerous toxins and radicals we produce as byproducts of metabolism. Beside the purgative essential and chemical essentials of water, our bodies can "manufacture" additional water out of stored sugars, mainly glucose, when called upon for energy. 

The minimum amount of water needed for basic health is 1 Quart Daily. 

The ideal daily intake is 2 quarts - and far more if you are involved regular exercise. 

Click here for a table that shows the amount of mineralization in various high-value mineral waters imported and sold by Aqua Maestro. 

Dehydration makes most people cranky; taken further, it can cause terrible mood swings. Be happy. Drink lots of great water. If you are into beauty, you are (or should be) into water. Water is the world's best moisturizer. Lacking adequate hydration, your skin becomes inelastic and takes on an unappealing texture. Consumed in large, regular quantities, the ideal water hydrates your skin, and give it a pureness and radiance. 

In our bodies, water is part of all physical and chemical processes. Water is a transportation mechanism for oxygen, nutrients, minerals and other elements that constantly move in and out of our cell structures. Concurrently, water removes the wastes and toxins we produce, including toxins from caffeine, junk foods, sodas, and very importantly - alcohol. And finally, water is the coolant and antifreeze that enables us to govern our body temperature. 

The most common cause of constipation is dehydration, especially if you are on a high-fiber diet. When the body is inadequately hydrated, it holds on to all the water it can, and the effect is that fiber - which is water-soluble - does not have the water it needs to absorb and is unable to vacate itself. 

Water is basic to our body's defenses. First, it is the basis of the immune system which fights bacterial and viral infection, and water is used to produce antibodies and interferon. The mucous in our nose, lungs, and gastrointestinal tract - basically water - is a key protective barrier, and one of our first lines of defense. Dehydration results in dryer, less effective mucous. This is part of the reason why it is always recommended by doctors to drink loads of water if you have flu or a cold. 

Kidney stones are calcium that has crystallized from your urine. Good hydration helps your calcium stay in solution. The benefit of preventing stones extends to kidney function, and lowering of the risk of osteoporosis and cystitis.