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Ty Nant

Tŷ Nant

Ceredigian, Wales

Ty Nant Water

Ty Nant pronounced Tee Nant (short as in ant), means house by the stream. The region from where Ty Nant is drawn, lies in an unspoiled rural area of mid Wales. Sourced from deep beneath the ancient Cambrian Mountains, an area of outstanding natural beauty, Ty Nant offers consumers the unique opportunity to sample one of nature's most treasured products - natural mineral water.

The purity of Ty Nant is attributed to an unusual aquifer lodged in a dense geological formation; the discovery of this source was recent and occurred in 1976. Ty Nant has no Nitrates, a neutral pH, and very low total mineralization at only 165 mg/l. Once famous only for their eye-popping cobalt blueglass bottle shaped like a bowling pin, it is offered in both still and carbonated varieties. Ty Nant revolutionized plastic packaging when they teamed with Welsh born designer Ross Lovegrove to create the sensational new PET bottle. It is easily one of the most unforgettable, impressive PET (plastic) water bottles in the world, with a hard ripple effect that evokes the fluidity of water. Walk into your gym carrying a Ty Nant 1/2 Liter or 1 liter plastic bottle, and heads turn.

Brand Details
  • Country of Origin: Ceredigian, Wales
  • Source: Cambrian Mountains
  • Type: Spring Water
  • Hardness: Moderately Hard
  • Orientation: Neutral
  • pH: 6.8
  • TDS: 165
Bottle & Water Type
  • Still - Cobalt Glass Bottle [330mL, 750mL]
  • Sparkling - Cobalt Glass Bottle [330mL, 750mL]
  • Still - Clear PET Bottle [500mL, 1L]

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