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Chalk Hills, Test Valley, Southern England

Hildon Water

Hildon Natural Mineral Water comes from beneath the chalk hills of the beautiful Hampshire countryside in the South of England.

The water is wholesome, naturally filtered and crystal-clear. It is free from pollution and has a stable composition, being naturally low in sodium.

The water is bottled at the source and whether it is delightfully still or gently sparkling, it has a distinctive, delicious taste.

Hildon's beautiful understated bottle is served at scores of first class hotel and resort properties, is seen on the dais at the Ryder Cup when the event is played in the UK, it graces picnic tables at polo matches, and is allegedly first choice at Buckingham.

The chemistry of Hildon features good levels of Calcium and Bicarbonates. According to the company, the Nitrate level is 6 milligrams per liter.

There are strict rules governing the labeling of water as Natural Mineral Water, Spring Water or Bottled Water. Water sold as Natural Mineral Water must originate in an officially recognized spring, be microbiologically wholesome and have been protected from all risk of pollution.

The original Hildon bottle was created in 1988. Its design was based on the classic Bordeaux shape with its distinctive high shoulder, which originated in the early 19th century. Hildon has always had a close association with the wine trade and is the first choice for cleansing the palate at many prestigious wine tastings.

Brand Details
  • Country of Origin: England
  • Source: Chalk Hills, Southern England
  • Type: Spring Water
  • Hardness: Very Hard
  • Orientation: Neutral
  • pH: 7.2
  • TDS: 312
Bottle & Water Type
  • Still - Clear Glass Bottle [330 mL, 750 mL]
  • Still - Clear PET/Plastic Bottle [330 mL]
  • Sparkling - Clear Glass Bottle [330 mL, 750 mL]

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