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Sources of Water

Think you know what you're drinking? Are you sure?

You might be amazed to learn the difference between ordinary tap water and cheap bottled waters (usually none! - in some cases the municipal water is superior).

But what you should really learn about is the difference between "purified, processed" bottled waters, and the incredible healthy world of natural mineral waters.

Water is water the way food is food, the way wine is wine, the way cheese is cheese, and the way air is air!

Hormel Corned Beef Hash and Prime Rib are NOT the same. Velveeta Cheese Spread and Stilton are NOT the same. Dom Perignon and Korbel are NOT the same. Fresh ocean breezes and inner city smog are NOT the same.

Virgin waters drawn from deep inside the earth, containing unique healthy chemistry, bottled untouched by human hands, are NOT the same as municipal well water, or surface waters collected in a reservoir, or the bottled tap waters scrubbed chemically then sold in mass marketing outlets.

The Journey Water Travels