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Bling H20

Bling H2O

English Mountain Side

H2O Bling

Tennessee's English Mountain Spring, famous for over a century, has a new face.

It is none other than Bling H20, a custom bottler with Hollywood flair, a company that has taken the extraordinary step of putting English Mountain in museum quality glazed bottles adorned with Swarovski crystals

At first taste you will notice there is a light consistency to Bling H2O, followed by a slight sweetness throughout yet no aftertaste.

Our tasteful journey leaves the palate refreshed and satisfied.

Bling H2O is bottled at the source and goes through a nine stage refining process after which is NSF certified to ensure that our award winning taste matches our award winning face.

BLING H20/English Mountain is virtually nitrate-free, sodium-free, and contains minimal chlorides. The 100 milligrams per liter of Bicarbonate account for the pH of 7.66, an optimal pH level for those who appreciate a slightly sweet taste.

Brand Details
  • Country of Origin: U.S.A.
  • Source: English Mountains
  • Type: Spring Water
  • Hardness: Moderately Hard
  • Orientation: Hint of Sweet
  • pH: 7.7
  • TDS: 68
Bottle & Water Type
  • Still - Glass Bottle [750mL]

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