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Source Perrier, France

Perrier Water

According to legend, as far back as 218 BC, Hannibal and his army, after crossing Spain on their way to conquer Rome, set up camp on the site of what would later become known as Les Bouillens, a naturally carbonated spring.

Soldiers found it remarkably refreshing. The Romans were the first to build a stone basin at the site of the spring, along with a few buildings. These installations were a precursor to the spa that would be built much later on.

Commercial operation really took hold only in 1863, when Napoleon III signed a decree acknowledging that the spring water was a natural mineral water.

Six years later, in 1869, fire razed the Vergèze installations. Despite attempts to restore the site, the company experienced heavy losses, and eventually went bankrupt.

Louis Rouvière, a Vergèze landowner and businessman, bought the Bouillens estate in 1888, and in 1894, leased the spring, with an option to purchase, to a doctor from Nîmes.

In 1898, Dr. Louis Perrier took over ownership of the Bouillens estate.

In 1903, Sir St.-John Harmsworth, a member of the English aristocracy, invested in the property and renamed the spring from Les Bouillens to Source Perrier, named after the dedicated physician who brought it to his attention.

St John Harmsworth was instrumental in developing the Perrier Spring Company, giving it a strong identity and image, and became responsible for the distinctively shaped bottle.

Perrier's famous green bottle became popular throughout Europe and was the first sparkling natural mineral water in the U.S. Perrier became an intrinsic part of an active, healthy American lifestyle in the late 1970s.

Brand Details
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Source: Les Bouillens
  • Type: Spring Water
  • Hardness: Very Hard
  • Orientation: Acidic
  • pH: 5.5
  • TDS: 475
Bottle & Water Type
  • Sparkling - Green Glass Bottle [330 mL, 750mL]
  • Sparkling - Aluminum Can [250 mL]
  • Sparkling - Green PET/Plastic Bottle [500 mL]

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