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Nevas Water

Nevas Cuvée Water, from two artesian springs

Nevas Cuvee Sparkling Water

NEVAS WATER is a premium table water cuvée, which is obtained from two artesian springs.

Bottled in a noble, bulbous bottle in a deep black color, NEVAS impresses with a unique design that has never been seen before in this segment.

NEVAS Water combines the water of two natural springs and thus the best in terms of mineralization and taste. As the first cuvée in the water segment, mixed with finely sparkling carbonic acid, NEVAS Water not only impresses with its unmistakable taste, but also with the highest quality.

NEVAS Water offers an unforgettable, tingling drinking experience thanks to the unique fine bubbles of carbon dioxide.

Both artesian mineral wells are several hundred years old and give the water a uniquely high natural calcium content (>62 mg/100 ml) due to their special layers of rock.

Nevas Water Cuvée combines the highest quality with an unmistakable taste and is thus an expression of personal individuality.

Brand Details
  • Country of Origin: Germany, Europe
  • Source: Cuvée, Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Type: Artesian Water
  • Hardness: Very Hard
  • Orientation: Alkaline
  • pH: 8.1
  • TDS: 2000
Bottle & Water Type
  • Sparkling - Custom Black Glass Bottle [750 mL, 1.5 L]

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