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Ferrarelle 750L Naturally Carbonated Water

Ferrarelle 330mL Naturally Carbonated Water

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Devotees of Ferrarelle drink nothing else. Ferrarelle is among the very few naturally carbonated waters in the world. At 43 milligrams per liter of Potassium, and 81 milligrams per liter of Silica, Ferrarelle is totally in a class by itself in terms of composition; most high mineral waters, by comparison, are loaded with Sodium and/or Bicarbonates. Harvested in Val D Assano, inland from Naples, Ferrarelle dates back to pre-Roman times.

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Italy's Number 1 Sparkling Water, Ferrarelle gushes from the Sorgenti di Riardo Park, close to Naples, in the South of Italy.
Ferrarelle acquires its natural sparkle as carbon dioxide rises through the deepest parts of the extinct volcano Roccamonfina in Campania, near Caserta. The area is currently protected by more than 5000 olive and oak trees. It is also known as the Assno Valley and Bagni, meaning baths.

The natural sparkle and fine balance of precious minerals are the result of the course taken by the water over the millennia. In fact, the rocks from which Ferrarelle springs are many thousands of years old, as are the subterranean strata over which the water flows.

Ferrarelle is rich in minerals with a TDS (total dissolved solids) of 1285 mg/L. It is blessed with a unique taste, which is soft and fresh. Its sparkle, so smooth on the palate, makes it just right from starters through to dessert, and for all menus. It goes particularly well with cheese dishes, crepes, ravioli, and white meat with delicate sauces.

This unique phenomenon of nature known as Ferrarelle was given its name in the 8th century. The origin of that name, however, is a matter of historical controversy. According to the 19th-century historian Michele Broccoli, the name may be traced to a small chapel in the vicinity, which later disappeared, probably called Santa Maria della Ferrara. Another explanation has the name deriving from the common habit of calling Ferrarelle “acqua ferrata”, meaning iron water. A third hypothesis claims that the name Ferrarelle is rooted in the local comparisons between areas of cold springs, Freddarelle, and hot springs, Caldarelle. Whatever its origin, Ferrarelle is certain to remain at the top of any list of the world’s premier waters for generations to come.

The revitalized plant is now powered by 5000 solar panels installed in the grounds to provide energy for everyday activities.

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Case Specifics 24 Glass Screw Top Bottles/Case