What does my annual $49.00 Penguin Club Membership fee entitle me to?
Penguin Club Membership benefits are:
  1. Discounted prices on all Aqua Maestro product prices
  2. Choice of automatic cycle delivery
  3. A complimentary gift basket
  4. Notification on clearance items; occasional free samples, and fun freebies
How does Aqua Maestro know what to send me in my recurring order?
Aqua Maestro sends Penguin Club Members the exact same order they received the previous time. Of course, a Penguin Club Member can change, increase, or decrease their orders at any time just by notifying us.

How long after I place my order can I expect it to be delivered?
If you are located in our local South Florida delivery area, you will receive your order in a matter of a few days. If you are a shipping account, your order will take 1-3 days to prepare, depending on the volume we are experiencing, and then shipment by FedEx Ground takes another 3-7 days from pick-up at our warehouse until they reach your doorstep. Palletized orders of 10 cases or more shipped by truck take about the same total time from receipt of order to final delivery.

Are there Minimum Order Quantities?
There are no minimums for orders shipped to our Penguin Club members via FedEx. [Note - The minimum order quantity for non-Penguin Club Members via FedEx is two cases.] Penguin Club members receiving free local delivery in the South Florida area have a two case minimum. [Note - The minimum order quantity is three cases for non-Penguin Club Members in South Florida.]

After I join the Penguin Club can I change delivery frequency?
Yes. To change the delivery cycle, call the Retail Sales Office at (954) 735-4040 ext. 100, or email:

How do I suspend or terminate my service?
Simply fill in the online form, or print it out and fax to (954) 735-4030.

Am I locked in for any minimum period of time or amount of orders?

After I have signed up and become a Penguin Club Member, do I always need to log on when I go to the Aqua Maestro web site?
You don't need to log on just to browse the site. But if you want to use the site to change or place an order, you must log on so your discounted Penguin Club Member pricing will apply.

When is it better to have my orders shipped by truck, instead of by FedEx?
As a rule-of-thumb, it is worthwhile to check with Aqua Maestro if your order is 10 cases or more. At the level of 15-20 cases, trucking is almost always less expensive than FedEx regardless of location. Bear in mind that an order sent by truck arrives on a pallet — so you need a place where a truck can pull up and drop the pallet. This may not be feasible if you are an apartment dweller unless your building has the necessary facilities. Generally, the trucker will be happy to take the pallet away (it's worth money) if you remove the cases promptly, or you can keep the pallet if you wish.
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