De L’aubier - Sap Water Sugar Free


Name: De L’aubier - Sap Water
Country of Origin: Canada
TDS: 252 mg/L
pH: 7.2
Altitude: NA
Discovery of Source: Brand new

The ultimate "green" water, in fact De L'aubier may be the greenest water on earth. This water comes from a new source of harvesting water. Yes, it is harvested. De L'aubier is made from the sap of the maple tree, and literally harvested like a fine wine during maple syrup season. Each spring, Quebec maple syrup production generates about one billion liters of sap water. During the process, the sugars are separated from the sap, leaving a full-bodied, silky characteristic. Further, adding to the “green” nature of this water, the harvest is done with an equitable partnership with Quebec Organic Maple Farms. Annual Global Bottled Water Congress elected DE L'AUBIER water, as the Best Still or Sparkling Water 2012.

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