Name: BERG
Country of Origin: Canada
TDS: 10 mg/L
pH: 7.86
Altitude: Sea Level
Discovery of Source: New

Iceberg water is a very unique product. It's an all natural, truly virginal water with no traces of minerals. Its journey started over 15,000 years ago in the ancient glaciers of Western Greenland. It is not until massive pieces of ice break off into the ocean in the form of icebergs that they can be harvested, melted and bottled under strict quality conditions in order to preserve the water's natural qualities. Designed to look like glass, the PET bottle represents the ice cap. Its green tint reflects the ice-cold green shade often observed in icebergs.

Please note product is shipped direct from source. Shipping included in price. ******************** Due to the currency exchange against the Canadian dollar the price of Berg has gone up considerably. Please call if interested.

$139.00 $139.00 Pure .5 L Still PET Screw Top 24 per case # BER1
$180.00 $180.00 Pure .75L Still Fancy Glass Screw Top 12 per case # BER2
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Only Continental US orders can be placed over the web. For Alaska, Hawaii and International shipments, please call the office at (954) 735-4040

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