Apollinaris naturally sparkling mineral water


Country of Origin: GERMANY
TDS: 2650
pH: 5.8
Altitude: 350 FT
Discovery of Source: Old

Apollinaris is a naturally carbonated mineral water renowned for its health and curative powers. Although not tremendously high in Calcium compared with many other curative brands, Apollinaris it is strong in Potassium, and Sulphate, and gangbusters in Magnesium and Bicarbonate at 130 milligrams and 1810 milligrams per liter respectively. What you might not like is the Sodium - also extremely high at 410 milligrams (almost a half a gram) per liter. And, it must be noted that we have not ascertained the all-important Nitrate level. The Apollinaris story begins in 1852 when a hopeful winegrower was having a bad time establishing his vineyard near Bad Neuenahr in the Eifel Region of Germany. Turns out the ground was too acidic, carbonic acid specifically; it also turned out that his apparent failure was soon a blessing because at a depth of 50 feet, carbonated mineral water bubbled out of the rock. The rest is history. Apollinaris has always been considered a luxury water, and was "bottled" in earthen jugs before the advent of glass bottling. The taste is undeniably strong and distinctive, and either you love it or you or don't. But those who drink Apollinaris do so religiously. Apollinaris has currently discontinued exporting to the US

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